Mark Adams

Too hot to handle

Mark Adams says we need a new strategy to handle bush fires.

James Curran

A teacher who changes lives

James Curran, the lecturer who makes a difference.


The gift of good health

Peter Davidson's childhood illness,life experiences, and living bequest.

Estelle Lazer

Indiana bones

Forensic archaeologist Estelle Lazer is working to give ancient civilisations the life they deserve.

Alumni Awards

The 2013 Alumni Awards

The winners of our annual awards and their achievements.


Lights, camera, Zimbabwe

Gill and Terry Leahy's sustainable adventure.

Image of Peter Fray

How do you solve a problem like the media?

Peter Fray on how to rebuild trust.

Medical equipment

Oh, the pain, the pain…

A University exhibition on the history of anaesthesia.

Image of Broadway

Left bank on Broadway

A fresh look at the Footbridge Cafe's intellectual heyday.

Image of Meredith Owen

A giving thing

Meet Meredith Owen, dentist and committed alumni volunteer.

Image of Simon

Yankee doodle is dandy

Simon Greiner's The New Yorker triumph.

Image of Rosie Findlay

Style detective

Rosie Findlay decodes the world of fashion style bloggers.

Image of Briony Stevens

When disaster strikes

Briony Stevens, the emergency humanitarian worker who is reluctant to swap her life for the 'real world'.

Image of Joseph Brennan

Batman loves robin

Joseph Brennan is researching the rise of 'slash fiction'.