The University of Sydney Robert Christie Research Centre

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

University of Sydney Staff: Prof Roland Fletcher, Dr Damian Evans, Dr Martin King

Funding Bodies: The Robert Christie Foundation, Faculty of Arts, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

Funding: USD 291,000 from The Robert Christie Foundation

Status: Funded 2008-2017

Summary: The research centre was established through a donation from The Robert Christie Foundation of the Christie Corporation that provides for the lease, management and maintenance of the centre for 10 years (2008-17). The centre is a two-storey, traditional style Khmer house with a timber upper storey in a large garden, located next to Wat Prei Einkosei on the east bank of the Siem Reap river opposite Conservation.

The purpose of the centre is to assist Cambodia by sponsoring the research of the University of Sydney in South-East Asia, specifically archaeology in Angkor; to house and support research in the Angkor-Siem Reap region by the Archaeology Department of University of Sydney in association with Cambodian colleagues - especially from APSARA; and to provide accommodation for University of Sydney researchers and their affiliates and collaborators. The centre contains five residential bedroom-studies, an office, space for meetings, covered and open- air work space, storage for equipment and a storeroom for artefacts and samples from the research, a kitchen and dining facilities. The Director of Research for the Centre is Dr Damian Evans. Ms Malay So is the permanent resident manager of the Centre.

Events Hosted
June 17. Dr Damian Evans (University of Sydney)
New Views of Angkor: The Angkor LiDAR project

June 21. Dr Mitch Hendrickson (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Metallurgy and the Angkorian State: Perspectives from the Industries of Angkor Project

June 22. Prof Roland Fletcher (University of Sydney)
Collapse: Continuing the Story of Angkor’s Demise

June 24. Dr. Chen Chanratana (Founder/President of Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation; Director, Project of Kerdomnel Khmer for the Mission of Koh Ker Archaeological Research)
Koh Ker Site and King Jayavarman IV: History, Arts and Archaeology

July 3. Dr Alberto Perez Pereiro (Independent scholar)
Historical Imagination, Diasporic Identity and Islamicity among the Cham Muslims of Cambodia

July 4. Tse Siang Lim (Independent scholar)
14th century Singapore: The Temasek Paradigm

July 8. Dr Becky Stevenson and Dr Hiro Katagawa (University of Guam)
Ethnoprimatology in Bali

July 11. Dr Dominique Soutif and Dr Julia Estève (EFEO)
The Asrama Project

July 14. Piphal Heng (PhD candidate, University of Hawai')
A Pre-Angkorian Settlement Pattern at Thalaborivat

July 16. Alison Carter (University of Wisconsin)
Beads, Trade, and Power: Socio-Political Complexity in Cambodia's Mekong Delta