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Can Too Much Infrastructure Doom a City?

A recent survey of Angkor Wat’s vast urban periphery could reveal important information about urban sustainability.
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Next City
1 January 2014

Top 10 Discoveries of 2013 - Remapping the Khmer Empire

Airborne laser sensing peered beneath vast stretches of centuries-old tree cover to reshape archaeologists’ understanding of the ancient Angkor region, once the epicenter of the Khmer Empire. Previously, scholars believed Khmer cities and temple complexes were enclosed spaces with walls or moats surrounding gridded "downtowns".
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Archaeology Magazine
10 December 2013

Angkor's Management Plan to Be Overhauled

Cambodia’s Apsara National Authority, which manages Angkor Archaeological Park, will this week unveil a “revolutionary” new concept for Angkor’s management that will vastly decentralize responsibility for the preservation of the temple complex, according to Anne Lemaistre, Unesco representative in Cambodia.
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Next City
2 December 2013

The Leading Global Thinkers of 2013

Damian Evans, Bill Benenson and Stece Elkins for using lasers to discover and map ancient cities.
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Foreign Policy

The Real Significance of Mahendraparvata

And no, it wasn’t that it was “found,” explains the architect of the now-famous archaeological collaboration.
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The Diplomat
28 November 2013

Inside Cambodia's stunning new temple discoveries

Consortium of archaeologists brought together to fill in the blank spaces on map of Angkor.
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18 July 2013

Cambodia's vast lost city: world's greatest pre-industrial site unearthed

A ground-breaking archaeological discovery in Cambodia has revealed a colossal 700-year old urban landscape connecting ancient cities and temples to Angkor Wat. Lara Dunston joins the excavation team for the first site visit by a British newspaper.
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The Guardian
28 June 2013

The Hidden City of Angkor Wat

Lost and found. LiDAR revealed the first capital of the medieval Khmer empire, in the Kulen hills. Green indicates previously known archaeological sites; red indicates new features.
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20 June 2013

Lost horizons: mediaeval city uncovered

Damian Evans leads a team using revolutionary airborne laser technology to discovered a lost mediaeval city that thrived on a mist-shrouded Cambodian mountain 1200 years ago.
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The Sydney Morning Herald
15 June 2013

Beneath Angkor's Foliage

Using a radical new imaging technique, Sydney archaeologists have uncovered a network of unknown temples and an entire city beneath the foliage surrounding Angkor in Cambodia.
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Sydney Alumni Magazine
June 2013

Senator the Hon Bob Carr visit to Cambodia, March 2012

Senator the Hon Bob Carr with Dr Damian Evans at the University of Sydney Robert Christie Research Centre in Siem Reap on 25 March 2012.
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Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
March 2012

Aussies help make Angkor greater

The Australian Research Council has announced another round of funding for the Greater Angkor Project (GAP), spearheaded by the University of Sydney. The state organisation will grant AUS$900,000 over five years to the project – a collaboration with the Apsara Authority, and the Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Orient.
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The Phnom Penh Post
18 December 2009

Divining Angkor

After rising to sublime heights, the sacred city may have engineered its own downfall.
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National Geographic
July 2009