What do I need to do?

The most reliable way to ensure that your message complies with the Spam Act 2003 is make sure every outgoing message complies with the requirements specified in the University's summary information sheet.

How to ensure your message complies with the Spam Act 2003

For all outgoing commercial electronic messages, senders must ensure that:

A valid unsubscribe message could be as follows:

If you do not wish to receive further messages about these activities, please send email to unsubscribe.somedept@sydney.edu.au requesting that your email address be removed from the Somedept activities mailing list. Your request will be carried out promptly.

The actual ‘unsubscribe’ e-mail address will of course be that of the mailing list manager.

Please contact Web and Print Production if you are unsure whether your intended recipients have consented to receiving the type of communication you wish to send.

Extra step-by-step guidelines

You can use this flowchart to guide you through the process of preparing your commercial electronic message.


Limited exemptions may apply to certain messages sent by educational institutions. For more information consult the Australian Communication Authority's Spam Act 2003: A Practical Guide for Government (PDF) or contact Web and Print Production.