The University of Sydney Student Plagiarism:
Coursework Policy and Procedure is available as a pdf document from:

The role of the University of Sydney is to create, preserve, transmit and apply knowledge through teaching, research, creative works and other forms of scholarship. The University is committed to academic excellence and high standards of ethical behaviour as the cornerstones of scholastic achievement and quality assurance. The University requires all students to act honestly, ethically and with integrity in their dealings with the University, its employees, members of the public and other students.

The University of Sydney is opposed to and will not tolerate Plagiarism.
It is the responsibility of all students to:

  1. ensure that they do not commit or collude with another person to commit Plagiarism;
  2. report possible instances of Plagiarism; and
  3. comply with the policy and procedure.

The University will treat all identified cases of student Plagiarism seriously, in accordance with the policy and procedure, and with Chapter 8 of the University of Sydney By-Law 1999 (as amended) which deals with Student Discipline.