About the Faculty

The Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning is one of 16 faculties within The University of Sydney. Through the faculty’s research and teaching programs it is committed to improving the quality designed environments, both digital and physical, by providing our students and the broader community with a high level of professional and intellectual insight into the vital and current debates on the future of our recreational, employment and residential environments.


The Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning is currently comprised of four interrelated disciplines. These disciplines group academics together to support broad research and teaching programs. The disciplines include:

Architecture and Allied Arts: recognised for excellence in research across the fields of architectural history and theory, heritage conservation and housing. The discipline runs the professional architecture (BDesArch and MArch) programs as well as specialist graduate programs in urban design and heritage conservation and incorporates the well known Tin Shed Galleries Art Workshops.

Architectural Science: incorporates some of the world’s leading researchers and scholars in the fields of physical aspects of lighting, daylighting, acoustics, thermal performance, wind effects, noise, structures and construction. The discipline runs graduate programs in Design Science including specialisations in audio and acoustics, building services, illumination design, sustainable design as well as a facilities management program.

Design Lab: formerly the Key Centre for Design Computing, research and creative practice in the Design Lab span a range of disciplines from interaction design and electronic arts to computer science and social science. Design Lab teach a Bachelor of Design Computing and Australia’s first graduate program in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts

Urban and Regional Planning: Established in 1948 as the Department of Town and Country Planning, studies include metropolitan planning; housing studies; regional policy; design dimensions of urban form and many other fields of policy and development with a focus on SE Asia and the Pacific. Also includes the Planning Research Centre, an independent university foundation. The discipline runs graduate programs in Urban and Regional Planning.

In 2009 the faculty has begun changing its structure to allow for more interdisciplinary research clusters that span across the interrelated interests of our staff, as well as establish teaching groupings along the broadly defined subject areas of Architecture; Urban Design and Heritage Conservation; Art Workshops; Design Computing and Interaction Design; Urban and Regional Planning and Design Science.