Community Connections

The University of Sydney and the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning are highly regarded by business, industry, the professions and government as a vital source of intellectual development, creative endeavour and informed social commentary.

The School's strong reputation and legitimacy is exemplified by its collaboration and strategic partnerships with the professional communities which:

  • enhance the study experience and employment opportunities for our students;
  • contribute to relevant program and curriculum development;
  • result in School research being applied to meet the challenges facing business, industry and government;
  • facilitate commissioned research and research-based consultancies; and
  • create an awareness of corporate social responsibility issues.

The School recognises that ongoing success will increasingly depend on the ability to engage the corporate and government sectors, and the further development of such relations is an important strategic goal.

The School has a number of external advisory bodies that include significant corporate representation. They provide high-level strategic advice and play a vital role in establishing and maintaining engagement with the corporate world. These groups provide, in particular, advice on high-level themes and issues to be incorporated into School programs; curriculum and unit of study development; delivery techniques and the engagement of outside experts.

The School engages with the professional and broader communities through public lectures and a number of other public events by international speakers. Most public lectures are held within the Wilkinson Building or utilise other venues on campus.

Closer relationships with the professional associations have also been forged, with links between the School and the AIA (Australian Institute of Architects), PIA (Planning Institute of Australia) and specialist branches of engineering, building, development and design professional bodies.