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Building and lab access

Upon enrollment, the Student Administration Centre will issue a swipe card providing you access to the Wilkinson Building, G04.


Students now have access to email accounts provided through www.outlook.com which they can log into by using their Unikey as their username (in the following format):

  • abcd1234@uni.sydney.edu.au

Substitute "abcd1234" with your own UniKey letter/number combination and use the password associated with your UniKey to log in. If you experience any problems logging in, first ensure your UniKey password is correct (previous section), if that does not address the problem refer to the following site for assistance; http://www.usyd.edu.au/ict/switch/sydneymail/accessemail.shtml.


Printing is charged on a cost recovery basis. Printing credit is now part of the EXTRO account. Credit can be topped up online, or by cash at Student Services. Print jobs will not succeed if you have insufficient credit.

Printer Format Location Cost
Canon 2 A4 and A3 Level 2 Printing Hub

B&W:    (A4) $0.10     (A3) $0.20
Colour: (A4) $0.20     (A3) $0.80

Canon 3 A4 and A3 Level 3 Digital Hub

B&W:    (A4) $0.10     (A3) $0.20
Colour: (A4) $0.20     (A3) $0.80

OceColourWave1 A1 and A0 Level 2 Printing Hub $22.00 per square meter 
OceColourWave2 A1 and A0 Level 3 Digital Hub $22.00 per square meter 

If you need paper and/or toner for the printers, please email . For all other enquiries (including refunds and other printer issues) please contact ICT HelpDesk on 9351 6000.

Usernames and passwords

Students at our Faculty receive log-in credentials via their University email accounts upon enrolling. Your username is your UniKey (abcd1234) and your password is generated randomly. If you need to change your password, please visit central-ICT's Switch website;