Learning and Teaching

Strategic Goal: To develop and articulate research led teaching to engage students in knowledge discovery.

The Faculty has a diverse range of teaching and research interests and these are reflected in the academic programs offered by the Faculty. There are currently around 1,300 students enrolled in the following degrees, diplomas, and certificates that may be awarded in the Faculty:

Undergraduate degrees and the graduate architecture degree

There are two undergraduate programs:

  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture - BDesArch
  • Bachelor of Design Computing - BDesComp

The largest program is the provision of professional architecture education, through the double degree combination of the BDesArch and MArch. The professional architecture degree is accredited by statutory and professional bodies and is subject to major national quinquennial reviews and annual state reviews. The two-year MArch accepts graduates from the Faculty's BDesArch and from equivalent undergraduate degrees offered by other accredited universities. The domestic students are in Commonwealth supported places.

The BDesArch, through streaming, also provides an entry point to graduate programs, particularly in Urban and Regional Planning.

Starting in 2009, a combined Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) / Bachelor of Design in Architecture program has been run by the Faculty of Engineering.

The BDesComp provides an undergraduate education in design computing and also serves as an entry point to graduate studies in interaction design and electronic arts.

Graduate Coursework Programs

In addition to the MArch, the Faculty has a large set of graduate coursework programs (as large as but more diverse than the undergraduate). All are fee-paying. Some lead to professional qualifications (subject to external accreditation), such as Urban and Regional Planning and Illumination Design. All have external advisory committees. All are embedded Masters, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs. Some are also streamed to allow specialisation. The fields of study are shown below and the website (www.arch.usyd.edu.au) and Handbook show the full list of degrees:

  • Audio Design
  • Building Services
  • Interactive Design and Electronic Arts
  • Facilities Management
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Illumination Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Urban Design
  • Urban and Regional Planning

Research Degrees

The Faculty has about 85 research students in the following research degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy - PhD
  • Master of Philosophy (Architecture) - MPhil(Arch)

There is also a higher doctorate:

  • Doctor of Science in Architecture - DScArch