Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

Digital Fabrication Lab

As a central part of the DMaF, the University of Sydney Digital Fabrication Laboratory works closely within both the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and Masters of Architecture programs as well as facilitates strong research, experimentation and production linkages with Design Lab, Tin Sheds Gallery and Art Workshops. Such linkages promote a more integrated and interdisciplinary learning experience for students within the Faculty.

The Centre has acquired a diverse set of the latest digital fabrication technologies, enabling the rapid and accurate production of student works, prototyping of design ideas and iteration at large scale and extensive research opportunities in robotics, advanced fabrication through computation and material properties. This broad scope of complex equipment includes a Kuka KR60 6 Axis Robot with milling spindle, Multicam 3 Axis CNC Router, Roland Model CNC Mill with rotary 4th axis, Trotec and Universal laser cutters, ZCorp powder rapid prototypers, Projet plastic rapid prototyper, vacuum former and a range of 3d printers including Makerbots and Up! printers.

Due to the wide capabilities of the DMaF, the Centre is able to purchase a large range of materials and offer these at reduced prices to students, staff and collaborators. These include:

Where possible, materials are cut-to-size for the most appropriate, efficient and economical use on Digital Fabrication machines in the DMaF. These are available for purchase via Extro Account. The Centre is also dedicated to the responsible use, reuse and disposal of material. As such, a large array of reusable materials are available for free throughout the workshops. We ask that all student be sympathetic to the environment when using materials throughout the DMaF, ensuring objects are “nested” efficiently and recycling all materials where possible. Please also note that RhinoNEST software is available in DMaF and Computer Lab 526.

The DMaF is continually adding to this large range of materials, experimenting with new uses and methods of fabrication and engaging in a diverse range of investigation into materiality, expression and construction technique at all stages of the design process.