Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning


The Metalastics Studio is an extensively equipped hub for materials research and fabrication focusing on metals and plastics.

As with all studios and laboratories within the DMaF, access to the Metalastics Studio is a strictly subject to completion of the Safety Induction and Competency Course. This ensures that all users of the Studio are informed as to the operation of its extensive and complex machinery in a safe manner.

The Metalastics Studio is equipped to bend, manipulate, cut and position metals and plastics of a variety of strengths and dimensions. Sharing some equipment with the Digital Fabrication Laboratory, the Metalastics Studio offers users of the DMaF the ability to fabricate detailed, precise design candidates and prototypes.

The studio is equipped to manipulate, form and join metals and plastics, using soldering and welding. Plastics and metals can be molded, joint, bent as well as cut, sanded and textured with the range of equipment we offer. The inclusion of metalastics as part of the DMaF enables close collaboration with other materials, particularly wood, and the composition of models using all three of our laboratories. This extends student’s ability to explore their designs across a variety of media.

The Studio makes available a range of materials for purchase and use. These materials are purchased in bulk and cost savings are passed on to users of the studio. The Studio offers a range of metals and plastics with various finishes and properties. Please see the DMaF materials sheet or speak to staff for information on costs and availability.

The Metalastics studio provides a workspace to a number of Tin Sheds Art workshops and functions as an experimental studio space for research into materials through development of prototypes and models.