Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

Wood Technology

The Wood Technology Studio provides staff, students and collaborators with a diverse and extensive range of materials and machinery for timber fabrication. Along with the expertise and experience of the Studio's staff, this enables the production of designs and prototypes with an intense level of detail and specificity across a range of scales. Staff and students can explore the possibilities in the manipulation, joining, forming and finishing of timber across a broad range of species.

The availability of well maintained classic machinery and modern equipment, power tools and hand tools also means users can explore the intersections of artisan skills and traditional fabrication methods with more technologically advanced ones, particularly through integration with the Digital Fabrication Laboratory. Through its collaboration with the University of Sydney Tin Sheds Gallery, Art workshops and other design venues throughout Sydney, the Wood Technology Studio is recognised for its comprehensiveness and its fostering of integrated and collaborative design and fabrication approaches.

As with all studios and laboratories within the DMaF, access to the Wood Technology Studio is a strictly subject to completion of the Safety Induction and Competency Course. This ensures that all users of the Studio are informed as to the operation of its extensive and complex machinery in a safe manner.