Lee Stickells, Guanajuato, 2007

The Cities Network brings together over 30 urban researchers from The University of Sydney to address several interlinked thematic areas demanding an interdisciplinary response: globalisation and international dimensions; climate change and sustainability; housing; participatory democracy; urban networks, ecologies and technologies; culture and place; and urban theory. We are fostering a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to cities research focused on investigating, understanding, and projecting ways in which cities can be more enabling.

We are engaged in the discovery of new knowledge about the city through an evolving array of approaches. We work directly with communities to provide design advice and contribute to the health and well being of people living in cities. We contribute to policy planning and we conduct theoretical research on approaches to understanding the design, culture and impacts of cities. We are also engaged with applied research to measure the sustainability and resilience of cities in Australia and overseas.