Undergraduate Enrolment Dates (Semester 1)

Undergraduates A-K Enrolments

22 January 2014


Undergraduates L-Z Enrolments

22 January 2014


Undergraduate Re-enrolment

10 February 2014

9.00am - 12.30pm

UAC January Round

3 February 2014

9.30am - 12.30pm

UAC February Round

10 February 2014

9.30am - 12.30pm

Postgraduate Enrolment Dates (Semester 1)

Master of Architecture

6 February 2014


Postgraduate Domestic (All other degrees)

6 February 2014


Postgraduate re-enrolment

10 February 2014

1.00pm - 5.00pm

International Enrolment Dates (Semester 1)

International (All Degrees)

17 February 2014


If you are a domestic student and cannot attend on your designated enrolment day, you can enrol by proxy. To arrange a proxy enrollment, please complete the proxy authority form, nominating someone to enrol on your behalf, and ensure you sign it. If you cannot download the proxy form, a signed letter nominating and authorising another person to act on your behalf for your enrolment will suffice.

What you need to bring

  • Photo identification

You may also need to bring:

  • Signed proxy authorisation form (if you are acting as a proxy for an applicant)
  • A blue or black ball-point pen

Decisions you need to make on enrolment day

  • What units of study you will be enrolling into for this year. Don't worry if you are unsure. We have an enrolment guide that recommends units of study for you, and you can always change your mind between enrolment day and the start of semester.
  • Whether you will be paying up front or deferring payment (for local students).

Costs of study

There are no payments required by new postgraduate students on enrolment day. Students will be invoiced for the units they are enrolled in for the current semester after census date on March 31st 2014. See the Important Dates website.
for more important dates including the last day to add new units of study to your semester load. Eligible students may apply to defer fees using the Fee-Help program. You can apply for this fee deferral on enrolment day by filling in a form. You will need you Tax File number for this step. Fee-Help Website

Other enrolment information

How long should I allow to enrol?

Enrolment involves two stages. For most enrolments in Semester 2, both processes will be completed in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's Wilkinson Building, where you collect your enrolment papers, choose the units of study you are taking, lodge these units with the Student Administration Centre (who will check them to make sure they are correct) and organise payment/deferment of fees. You should be able to finish all of this in under an hour, although we appreciate your patience if there is a queue.

What about continuing students?

If you are continuing your studies within the same course, you would have been invited to re-enrol during Semester 2 of the preceeding year. Re-enrolment takes place once a year. You can re-enrol online using your MyUni account (recommended) or by submitting a paper re-enrolment form to the Faculty as directed in the University's communication. If you fail to re-enrol by the set date, you will need to re-enrol in person at the session advised above.

University Wide Enrolment and Orientation Events

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The faculty invites all of our commencing postgraduate students to join us for our 2014 orientation program

The postgraduate orientation evening introduces commencing students to the myriad of support services available and provides an opportunity for you to meet fellow students and the faculty staff.

Formal welcome sessions run for approximately two hours and includes an official welcome by Dean John Redmond, presentations by our Student Administration team, Student Design Associations, and centralized services including SRC and The Sci-Tech Library.

Where will orientation event be held?

Undergraduate Orientation
Formal Presentation:
February 27 February 2014
10.00am to 12pm
12.00pm to 1.00pm

Postgraduate Orientation
Formal Presentation:
Thursday the 27th of February
6.00pm to 7.15pm
Drinks & Nibbles:
7.15pm to 8.00pm
Wilkinson Building, 148 City Rd

More information?

If you are unable to attend orientation day activities, you can pick up the printed guides from the SAC office on level 2 Wilkinson Building or download a copy of the Orientation Guide Pdf .