• The Faculty of Architecture has many scholarships and prizes that are granted at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Developing a student bursary will raise the profile of the Faculty.
  • At present, a Student Bursary fund exists, to assist students in financial difficulties, but its funds are low


  • To provide disadvantaged undergraduate students in the Faculty of Architecture, performing at credit level or above across all subjects completed at the time of their application, with financial support in times of need. The aim is to provide assistance so that these students do not drop out of their course.
  • Priority will be given to students who are not already receiving a scholarship or bursary.


  • It is proposed to establish a Capital Preserved Trust, to enable 5 bursaries per annum to be distributed. To do this, $100,000 will need to be eventually raised.
  • In 2007, it is proposed to raise $50,000. Under the University’s endowment management policy, this will initially provide up to 3 bursaries, with the current funds available.

Endowment Management

The University of Sydney utilises a disbursement model of 5% of the principal per annum which protects the value of the investment against inflation and liquidation. Interest earned over and above the 5% will be reinvested into the endowment.

Donor Recognition and Benefits

The Faculty of Architecture and the University would be pleased to recognise a major donation through various acknowledgement and recognition possibilities including mention in the Faculty’s Honour Roll located in the foyer of the Wilkinson Building, and listing in the University’s Alumni Magazine SAM and the Faculty’s Alumni newsletter archetype.


Associate Professor Warren Julian
Phone 9351 5924
Email warren@arch.usyd.edu.au