We would be pleased to explore with you a range of strategic research partnering opportunities. Most of our research – the largest research program of its type in Australasia – is funded by major competitive research grants (ARC, CRC, AHURI, etc.). In addition, through the University Business Liaison Office, we are partnering with a range of firms, industries and groups around the world to develop strategic research opportunities on issues of mutual concern and mutual benefit.

Among the possibilities are the following:

  • Research on high-density housing
  • Environmentally sustainable design
  • Public open space & urban design
  • Suburban economic development
  • Urban & regional policy
  • Commercial centres & economic development
  • Audio & acoustics
  • Illumination design & psychometrics
  • Design computing & digital media
  • Design cognition
  • Digital architecture
  • Architectural, design & environmental science
  • Environment, behaviour & society
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • And others

For the range of current research, please click on

Please contact the Dean, Associate Professor Warren Julian at or 61 2 9351 5924 to discuss these and other possibilities further. He will immediately put you in contact with the research team leader most concerned with the topic in which you are interested.