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Professor Richard de Dear
Head of Discipline

Over the last 28 years, Associate Professor Richard de Dear has built a career in the area of human thermal comfort. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and a dozen books and monographs on the subject. Within that body of research it is his work on the “adaptive model of thermal comfort” that has had the greatest impact, receiving over a thousand citations within the indoor environmental literature (and earning him an H Index of 19).

Which courses does Richard teach?

  Courses taught by Richard;
  • ARCF9001 Modes of inquiry: Research and Scholarship
  • DESC9001 Air conditioning design
  • DESC9067 Mechanical services
  • DESC9145 Sustaining the built environment
  • DESC9146 Climate, comfort and sustainable design
  • DESC9150 Sustainability research project
  • DESC9151 Introduction to building services

Dr Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis is an Associate Professor and Director of the Illumination Design program in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning. She is interested in applications of emerging and next-generation lighting technologies for illumination. Her research also addresses ways to quantify the properties of light sources and illumination that correspond to human visual perception, with a particular focus on colour characteristics.

Which courses does Wendy teach?

  Courses taught by staff member;
  • Program Director | Illumination Design
  • DESC9166 | Photometry & Colormetry
  • DESC9167 | Light & Vision
  • DESC9168 | The Visual Field and Human Factors
  • DESC9164 | Lighting Technologies

Dr Densil Cabrera

Dr Densil Cabrera is a senior lecturer in audio and acoustics in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney. He did his PhD in psychoacoustics at the University of Sydney. Earlier degrees include a Master of Arts (University of Technology, Sydney), Graduate Diploma in Communication (University of Technology, Sydney) and Bachelor of Music (University of Sydney).

Which courses does Densil teach?

  Courses taught by staff member;
  • DESC9011 | Audio Production
  • DESC9116 | Loudspeaker Design
  • DESC9133 | Architectural Acoustics Practice
  • DESC9134 | Audio and Acoustics Seminar
  • DESC9135 | Digital Audio Production with ProTools
  • DESC9138 | Architectural and Audio Acoustics
  • DESC9191 | Building Acoustics and Noise Control

Professor Richard Hyde

Professor Hyde is a registered architect who has been working in the field of sustainable architectural design and research for buildings. He is currently Head of the Architectural and Design Science discipline and Coordinator of the Sustainable Design program at The University of Sydney. He has a national and international reputation in the area of environmental design through his work with the Martin Centre, the University of Cambridge, UK and the Institute of Wood Science, USA.

Which courses does Richard teach?

  Courses taught by staff member;
  • DAAE3001 - Sustainable Architectural Practice
  • DESC9015 - Building Energy Analysis
  • DESC9145 - Sustaining the Built Environment
  • DESC9147 - Sustainable Building Design Principles
  • DESC9148 - Sustainable Building Design Practice

Associate Professor William Martens

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Which courses does Bill teach?

  Courses taught by staff member;

Dr Francesco Fiorito
Associate Supervisor

Francesco, M. Building Engineering PoliBA (2001) and PhD Building Engineering PoliBA (2006), spent his first 10 year of academic career at the Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy), where worked, since 2002 as Research Assistant in Building Construction and, since 2007 as lecturer and coordinator the unit of study “Building Components Design” (M. Architectural Engineering).

Which courses does Francesco teach?

  Courses taught by staff member;
  • MARC5101 ǀ Advanced Technologies 2
  • DAAE2008 ǀ Innovative Building Structures
  • DESC9192 ǀ Energy Code Compliance in Buildings