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The aim of the Design Lab is to foster design as a means of knowledge production in its own right. Our view is that design is fundamentally a knowledge-producing activity. Different from the natural sciences, which studies the world as it is, the humanities, which studies the human condition, and the arts, which explores the possibilities of expression, design is a study of the world the way it could be through the creation and interrogation of the "designed" world.

Research and creative practice in the Design Lab span a range of disciplines from interaction design and electronic arts to computer science and social science.

We undertake these projects through multiple intellectual channels, having the scientific gaze with its systems of empiricism sit comfortably astride the artistic approach with its attention toward conceptual possibilities. The projects themselves span politically charged and conceptually difficult terrains, dealing with questions on the biological innateness of design and its cultural and evolutionary pathways, the possibilities of experimental media at the juncture of art, society and technology, and speculative research into the inhabitation of the interface between humans and pervasive computing services.

Most important, the Design Lab provides a home where different people with different ways of knowing can connect, intersect and transform their work and their disciplines. It is a cultural mix of design theory and practice. The Design Lab provides the environment where the resources of research, of the production of knowledge, and of the interrogation of knowledge stem from design.