Research funding available to students

Research funding available to students

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme

Round 1 2013 is now open till 5pm Monday 6 May.

The PRSS is a scheme that provides direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate students in the faculty. There are two rounds this calendar year. Both of these rounds are for expenses incurred in 2013, and cannot be carried over to 2014.

Please note: Applicants can only receive 1 PRSS award per calendar year. If you applied for and were paid funds in Round 1 2013, you are not eligible to apply in Round 2. If you were not allocated funds, or if you were allocated but did not spend the funds in Round 1, you are eligible to apply for funds in Round 2.

Funds can be applied to cover:
- Travel to conferences to present papers (HERDC qualified papers, which means the full paper has been peer reviewed and published)
- Use of specialist services
- Field expenses
- Purchase of specialist books and software
- Computers or other equipment

There are usually more applications than available funding, so funds are allocated on a competitive basis. Applicants are encouraged to read all information on both the Faculty and University websites to assist in completing their application.

The Selection Committee will consider (1) quality of the applicant and track record relative to opportunity and stage of candidature, (2) demonstrated need for funding, and (3) Faculty priorities, if any, placed on the expenditure categories by the Faculty.

HERDC-countable conferences are preferred; however, if funding for a high quality but non-HERDC conference is applied for, this preference will not disadvantage the student's application.

Click here for more information regarding HERDC eligibility.

Please also note that the following Faculty application form must be used, not the University form on the Research Portfolio website:
2012 PRSS application form

For more information about PRSS:

Grants in Aid

Grants-in-aid (GIA) are available to provide students with travel grants to support short-term periods of research overseas. Individual grants vary in value and purpose with most worth approximately $1,500.

Applications for 2012 have now closed. Applications for 2013 will open in early 2013.

For more information, please visit Grants in Aid, run by the Scholarships Office.

Student Journal Publication Prize

A prize of $500 (on application) is given to currently enrolled research students who are the first author of a journal article (ISI, Ulrich or HERDC-listed) or HERDC-eligible book chapter.

A prize of $1000 (on application) is given to currently enrolled research students who are the first author of a HERDC-eligible monograph (this does not apply to 'editor').

Click here for more information regarding HERDC eligibility.

Students should apply to the Research Training Support Officer, for this support, with the publication’s full reference.