Research Academics


Name Research Area Capacity
Mr Ross Anderson Modern and contemporary German architecture Associate Supervisor
Dr Sean Anderson Architecture and Art of Global Modernisms, Contemporary architectural and urban theories, Modern Italian Studies, African Architecture and Art, South Asian and Himalayan Architecture and Art, Architectural Design.  Supervisor
Dr Peter Armstrong Architectural design; The history of architecture and urban design in East Asia Supervisor 
Dr Francois Blanciak Criticism of architectural form, Design theory  
Dr Jennifer Ferng European architecture and decorative arts from 1700 to present, History of the earth sciences including geology, Metallurgy, mineralogy, History of modern landscape and its relation to built design, Architectural materials, nature, and technology, Art history’s relationship to material culture, Critical theory.  Supervisor
Honorary Prof Tom Heneghan Architectural History and Theory  
Dr Glen Hill Interrelations among sustainable design, place, technology and fashion Supervisor 
Dr Sandra Loschke Architecture, Working with Prototypes in Architectural Design Research, Museal and Exhibition Architecture, Design Process (Architecture), Architecture and Politics, Process, Design Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Architecture,Architectural History, Material Culture and Digital Architecture.  
Dr Duanfang Lu Modern Chinese architectural and planning history, urbanism and urban theory, housing design and neighbourhood planning, architecture and identity, cultural analysis of the built environment in developing countries Supervisor 
Dr Dagmar Reinhardt Digital Theory, Digital Fabrication, Interactive Media, Architectural Design Associate Supervisor
Mr Daniel Ryan Environmental architecture of Eileen Gray, theories of Climate, comfort and health in inter-war European architecture, the application of thermal simulation to the study of Architectural history.  
Associate Professor Chris L. Smith interdisciplinary nexus of philosophy, biology and architectural theory Supervisor 
Dr Lee Stickells Film & Architecture, Architecture & Movement Supervisor 
Professor Michael Tawa Architecture and cinema, Architecture and music, Place and placemaking, Spatial and temporal symbolism, Theorising design practice , Mapping and design Supervisor

Architectural & Design Science

Name Research Area Capacity
Dr. Densil Cabrera Architectural acoustics, Building acoustics, and Psychological acoustics; Room acoustical quality; Sound insulation and noise control; Acoustical measurement, Audio system measurement; Subjective evaluation, and psychoacoustical measurement Supervisor 
Dr Cristhina Candido indoor environmental quality and bioclimatic design (ARC Postdoctoral Fellow)  
Wendy Davis Visual perception of lighting, Colorimetry, Applications of emerging and next-generation lighting technologies Associate Supervisor
Professor Richard de Dear Human thermal comfort, Indoor Environmental Quality Supervisor
Honorary Associate Dr Jennifer Gamble Architectural History  
Honorary Professor Richard Hyde Sustainable Design, Thermal comfort of pre-modern buildings, Biosocial issues concerning sustainable housing, Green technology and integration in buildings, Sustainable design tools, Advanced renovation of buildings, Quality of life studies, Sustainable building and materials, Energy and water sensitive design Associate Supervisor
Associate Professor Wiliiam Martens
Applied psychoacoustics, Auditory display, Influence of room acoustics on reproduced sound, Musical acoustics and musical timbre perception, Sound quality engineering, Spatial hearing, Spatial sound processing, Subjective evaluation of audio signals and systems Supervisor
Dr  Francesco Fiorito Structural and facade engineering, Energy modeling of buildings, Innovative building technologies and materials. Associate Supervisor

Design Lab

Name Research Area Capacity
Dr Caitlin de Berigny
Technology within the context of installation in urban, museum, gallery and architectural space Associate Supervisor 
Dr Rob Saunders Development of computational models of creativity Supervisor 
Dr Martin Tomitsch Interaction design, mobile interaction design, user-centred product design, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, tangible computing, interactive architecture, media facades, information and communication technologies for development Associate Supervisor 
Dr Oliver Bown Digital music, music software and performance systems, computational creativity, biologically-inspired computing, complex systems and ecosystems, multi-agent modelling, models and theories of cultural dynamics, and human evolution, particularly with respect to human artistic behaviour. Associate Supervisor
Dr Lian Loke Interaction design (specializing in movement and user experience), Interactive art, Performance, body and technology, Design methods Associate Supervisor
Dr Somwrita Sarkar Complex systems and networks in various design, technological and biological domains, developing computational and analytical models and methods  

Urban & Regional Planning & Policy

Name Research Area Capacity
Associate Professor Nicole Gurran Urban planning; housing; local planning; environmental planning; suburban renewal; community consultation; community involvement; national parks / protected areas; Seachange report Supervisor 
Associate Professor Paul Jones The analysis of urbanisation trends and linkages to economic performance, Governance and urban planning and management systems, The characteristics of Pacific squatter and informal settlements, Understanding and measuring the dimensions of urban poverty, Effective planning responses to urban informal development (land, housing and services), Mobilisation of customary land for urban development, Urbanisation indicators and goals to measure performance, Conceptualising the city and its functionality Supervisor
Honorary Associate Professor John Lea Regional development planning; Tourism development in Pacific Urban planning; Planning theory; Development aid policy; Environmental impact assessments (EIA); Housing policy in developing countries; Indigenous settlement and land tenure issues Associate Supervisor 
Dr Cameron Logan Urban and architectural history, the ways that heritage conservation shapes cities, the ways in which regimes of cultural value inform and delimit property value; the social politics of deciding what places to protect and how; and the possibilities of understanding and adapting large-scale landscapes and built ensembles such as hospitals, stadiums and universities.  
Professor Peter Phibbs
Development of the affordable housing sector in Australia; the impact of housing on a range of well-being issues including health and educational outcomes, the performance of planning systems and the relationship between planning systems and housing supply. Supervisor
Mr Barrie Shelton Urbanism with core expertise in urban design and urban history, morphology and theory, how cities look, feel, work and change. Associate Supervisor
Adjunct Assocate Professor Greg Young Developed cultural paradigm for planning and governance and original concept and model for ‘culturised planning’.