Research Students

Students' Research Topics

This page contains an index of the research students undertaking Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) under the supervision of our academic staff. Students are listed alphabetically by surname, along with their project titles and supervisors.


Name Project Supervisors
Mohd Shahrudin Abd Manan Architecture, Body and Pop Culture: Weaving the Critical Fabric(ated) Spaces of the T-Shirt

Assoc Prof Chris Smith,

Dr Dagmar Reinhardt
Judith Ainge Walls of Iron:
The Architecture of Habitable Prefabricated Iron buildings
Mr Trevor Howells,
Prof Richard Hyde
Saeed Ali H Alburgawi Makkah’s Urban Morphology Dr Lee Stickells,
Mr Barrie Shelton
Craig Allchin Increasing Supply of Housing in High Density Centres to
Improve Housing Affordability
Dr Lee Stickells,
Mr Barrie Shelton
Philippa Nicole Barr Atmospheres Assoc Prof William Martens, Assoc Prof Glen Hill
Graham Bell Patterns of Failure: A Pragmatic and Theoretical
Response to Negligence in Architecture from 1975
Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Assoc Prof Greg Castillo
Nikolina Bobic City as Target: Urbicide of Belgrade in 1999 Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Assoc Prof Chris L. Smith
Sarah Breen Lovett Expanded Architecture: the Intersection of Avant-garde Film,
Expanded Cinema + Architecture
Dr Lee Stickells
Douglas Brown Bushfire Risk Perception: A Study of the Perceived Vulnerability of Domestic Architecture in Bushfire Prone Areas Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Dr Peter Armstrong
Anne Burgess Aboriginal Stories of Victoria Park Design and Research Project Dr Glen Hill,
Prof Peter Read
Peter Chivers Architecture: Three Concepts. An Inquiry into the Sites of Architectural Transformation  Prof Michael Tawa
Bayezid Choudhury The Genesis of Sangsad at She-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka Dr Peter Armstrong
Rachel Couper The Theatre of Festivals

Dr Glen Hill,

Dr Dagmar Reinhardt
Sunil Dubey Comparative Evaluation of Governance and Management in Public Property Assets in Commonwealth Countries

Dr Peter Armstrong,

Geoffrey Gallop
Haris Dzonlagic Derrida and Architectural Philosophy/Theory

Dr Glen Hill,

Assoc Prof Chris Smith
Allison Earl The Language of Sustainability

Prof Michael Tawa,

Assoc Prof Glen Hill,

Monika Bednarek
Jennifer M Gamble Spatialisation Writing/Thinking Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Dr Simon Hayman
Farzaneh Haghighi Bazaar as Event: An Architectural Exploration of the Bazaar and its Relation to Key Socio-Political Events in Tehran, Iran (1980-2010)

Assoc Prof Chris Smith,

Assoc Prof Glen Hill,

Dr Pamela Karimi

Scott Hill A “Suitable” Residents Dr Glen Hill
Maroun Kassab The Heritage of the Modernist Movement in Lebanon

Assoc Prof Chris Smith,

Assoc Prof Glen Hill

Seyed Mahdi Khatami Modesty in the Islamic City; An Investigation of the Islamic Concept of Modesty and its Implication for Urban Form. Prof Michael Tawa, Assoc Prof Glen Hill
Simon Kringas The Topological City

Assoc Prof Chris Smith,

Dr Lee Stickells
Fontaine Liu Conserving Architecture as Living Heritage: A Reading of
Heideggerian Thinking in Relation to Current Heritage
Conservation Theory and Practice
Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Mr Trevor Howells
Margaret Liu Energy, Environment and Buildings: Retrofitting Existing Tertiary Education Buildings to Improve Energy Efficiency Prof Richard Hyde,
Dr David Leifer
Pamela Lofthouse Semi-detached Houses as a District Dwelling Type in NSW

Dr Peter Armstrong,

Mr Trevor Howells
Peter Maganov Improving the Take-up of Findings in Jurisdictional State of the Environmental Reports

Dr Edward Blakely, Dr Rafael Pizarro

Shu Min The Evolving Vernacular Space Case Studies in Sichuan, China, 1644-1911

Assoc Prof Duanfang Lu,

Prof Gary Moore
Sanja Mladenovic Notion of Becoming Child: Interdisciplinary study in the Field of Philosophy, Film and Architecture Assoc Prof Chris L. Smith
Paul O'Donnell The Curatio Project - Remember and Recognise:
Towards Developing a National Instrument for the Conservation of Australian Catholic Church Heritage
Dr Peter Armstrong,
Mr Trevor Howells
Jun Yi Ong Building the Garden City: The Clean Movement in Singapore, 1965-2010 Assoc Prof Dianfang Lu,
Assoc Prof Glen Hill
Anne Watson Peter Hall and the Sydney Opera House:
The ‘lost’ years 1966-68 
Dr Peter Armstrong,
Dr Glen Hill
Peter Williams Architectural and Liturgical Design of Church Buildings for the Roman Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council - Assessing the Response to the Documents of the Council Dr Peter Armstrong,
Dr Gerard Moore 
Michael Zanardo Shaping Affordable Housing: An Archtitectural Typological Investigation of Workers' Housing in Sydney 1900-1940 Assoc Prof Glen Hill,
Dr Lee Stickells
Serena Yanjing Zhang Transdisciplinary Practices: A Rising Mode in the Architectural Profession in Australia Since the 1990's

Dr Peter Armstrong, Assoc Prof Glen Hill, Assoc Prof Chris Smith

Architectural Science

Name Project Supervisors
Judith Ainge Iron Buildings

Prof Richard Hyde, Mr Trevor Howells

Hana Al-Jawder The Impact of Window Design on Visual Privacy in Home

Assoc Prof Wendy Davis,

Prof Michael Tawa

Hisham Allam Retrofitting Adaptive Comfort Strategies Into
conventionally Air-Conditioned Buildings
Prof Richard de Dear,
Dr David Leifer
Mansour Alulayet Energy Effciency Through the  Building Envelope in office Buildings in Saudi Arabia Prof Richard Hyde
Rui Chen Using Tangible Augmented Reality to Support Urban Design Learning

Assoc Prof William Martens,

Prof Mary Lou Maher

Ralph Collins Music Practice Rooms: Acoustic Effects on One’s Own Voice Dr Densil Cabrera
Alistair Duncan Lighting for the Aged Care

Assoc Prof Wendy Davis

Elizabeth Gallagher Beyond “Green” Streets – Transforming Streets to Address Climate Change Prof Richard de Dear
Arosha Gamage Exploring the Potential of Biomimicry as a Design Approach to Enhance Ecological Sustainability in Architecture

Prof Richard Hyde,

Assoc Prof Glen Hill

Petar Gligorov Tunable Passive Resonant Sound Absorber Dr Densil Cabrera,
Dr Jingfeng Xu
Jungsoo Kim Relationship Between Perceived Indoor Environment Quality and Office Workspace Satisfaction

Prof Richard de Dear,

Dr Christhina Candido

Ben O’Callaghan The Impact of Sustainable Housing Design and Environmental Attitudes on Resource Consumption

Prof Richard Hyde,

Dr David Wadley

Mark McKinnon-Bassett Testing the Relative Influence of Two Training Methods on Reporting Difference in Tone Colouration

Assoc Prof William Martens, Dr Densil Cabrera

Luis Alejandro Miranda Jofre The Spacial Complexity of Auditory Scenes Dr Densil Cabrera
Thomas Parkinson Alliesthesia and Thermal Perception in Transient Environments

Prof Richard de Dear

Dr Christhina Candido          

Claudiu Pop Auditory Perception of Room Size Dr Densil Cabrera,
Dr Craig Jin
Craig Roussac
Saving Energy in Australian Commercial Office Buildings Prof Richard de Dear,
Prof Richard Hyde
Daniel Ryan An Historical Exploration of the internal Thermal Environment Prof Richard Hyde
Trevor Seymour-Jones An Assessment of Emerging International Best Practice in
the Integrated Management of Public Sector Property Assets,
and Its Application to the Australian Public Sector
Dr. David Leifer
David Spargo Role of Diffusion in Listening Rooms Assoc Prof William L. Martens
Ian Stevenson Auditory confusion and the Poetics of Sonic Reverie Dr Densil Cabrera,
Dr Kirsty Beilharz
Shiuan-Ru Su Perceived Control in outpatient Departments of Taiwanese Hospitals from the Patient's Perspective: A Naturalistic Case Study

Prof Gary Moore,

Prof Richard de Dear

Anir Upadhyay Constituents of Environmental Quality of Life in Sustainable Housing in South East Queensland Prof Richard Hyde
Manuj Yadav Auditory Room Size Perception

Dr Densil Cabrera,

Assoc Prof William Martens

Design Lab

Name Project Supervisors
Phillip Gough Visualising Science for Non-Expert Users Through Affective, Interactive Digital Art Dr Caitlin de Berigny, Dr Tomasz Bednarz
Luke Hespanhol Designing Interactive Environments and Ubiquitous Engagement by Augmenting Public Spaces with Electronic Installations Dr Martin Tomitsch
Steven Janssen Autonomous Robotic Construction Dr Rob Saunders
Mohammad Ashraf Khan 'wePlan'-Spacial Design Communication for End-Users: An Alternative Model Based on the Application of Geo-located Augmented Reality and Reference

Dr Lian Loke, Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod, Dr Kurt Iveson

Crighton Nichols Cross Cultural Design: A Capability Approach to Technology Appropriation by First Australians

Assoc Prof Andy Dong,
Assoc Prof Anna Rubbo

Dr Caitlin de Berigny

Morteza Pourmohamadi Mahounaki Designerly Ways of Customizing Dr Rob Saunders,
Assoc Prof Andy Dong  
Nikash Singh Investigating User-Interface Solutions to
Personal Information Management in Email
Dr Martin Tomitsch,
Hon Prof Mary Lou Maher
Anhong Zhang The Evolution of Languages for Design in Artificial Creative Systems Dr Rob Saunders, Dr Ollie Bown
Jie Zhu Human-Robot Interaction Design - Improving Situation Awareness Through Mixed Reality Dr Rob Saunders, Dr Martin Tomitsch

Urban and Regional Planning

Name Project Supervisors
Sarah Hill How Can We Better Protect Employment lands When Residential is the Higher and Better Use? Prof Peter Phibbs, Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran
Adrienne Keane Planning for the Interface Between Natural World Heritage and Neighboring Cities Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran
Pall  Jakob Lindal Project: Restorative Environment Design for Densifying Cities

Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran,

Prof Terry Hartig
Sally Lewis Reconciling Planning, Development and Housing Outcomes in Australia

Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran,

Dr Paul Jones

Martin Nichols Infrastructure Costs Associated with Differing Australian City Forms

Prof Peter Phibbs

Ninik Suhartini The Relevance of Spatial Plans and Policies on Urban Disadvantaged in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Jayapura, Indonesia

Assoc Prof Paul Jones, Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran