Urban Regional Planning and Policy: Research

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Research areas

Urban & Regional Planning & Policy

Urban planning and regional comparative planning systems
Collaborative environmental planning and management
Planning for environmental sustainability
Planning for housing accessibility, diversity and affordability
Coastal protection & growth
Australian Urban Land Use Planning Policy Monitor
Social and environmental justice
Community forestry
Political ecology
Natural resource management
Sustainable development and climate change
Urban policy and planning locally and internationally
Suburban economic development
Poverty and inequality
Rural communities
Community development and sustainable planning
Urban planning research and education
Gated communities
Tourism development in Pacific urban planning
Development aid policy
Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
Housing policy in developing countries
Indigenous settlement and land tenure issues
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Economic development
Planning Support Systems
Communting behaviour
Spatial decision making

Research Projects

2011-2014 | ‘Measuring the impact of urban regulation on housing affordability in Australian cities and regions’ ARC DP (Lead CI)

2011 | “Planning for climate change adaptation in coastal Australia: State of practice” (National Sea Change Task Force)

2011 | ‘Affordable housing, urban renewal, and planning’ Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) (with Bill Randolph, Gethin Davies and Simon Pinnegar)

2011 | ‘Quantifying planning system performance and the national housing reform agenda: An Investigative Panel’ AHURI (with Peter Phibbs)

2011 | University of Sydney Brown Fellowship

2007-09 | “Planning, government charges, and the costs of land and housing” AHURI (with Bill Randolph and Kristian Ruming)

2006 – 08 | “Planning for Climate Change in Coastal Communities” “Best Practice Models of Planning for Sea Change Communities” (National Sea Change Taskforce)

2006-08 | “International Practice in Planning for Affordable Housing: Lessons for Australia” AHURI