Thursday Night Lectures, Archive

Thursday Night Lectures investigate wide-ranging interdisciplinary ideas about the culture of architecture, planning and allied arts. The series seeks to stimulate debate amongst professionals, the University and wider communities.
(Initiated and coordinated by Anna Rubbo)

(In reverse chronological order since March 1995):

July 2010
July 29
And where did you say you were from...? Place and Identity: Norwegian Contemporary Architecture Now – Ingerid Helsing Almaas, architect and the editor of Arkitektur N, the Norwegian Review of Architecture
August 5
The Style of Choice – Bart Lootsma, Leopold- Franzens University, Innsbruck
August 12 On the Hallucinatory Function of Architecture: Histories of Architecture in Walter Benjamin's Arcade – Terry Smith, University of Pittsburgh
August 19
Metamorphoses: Concepts and Constructions – Chris Smith, Sarah Benton, Ross Anderson, FADP
August 26 The long history of planning and why this matters in New South Wales – Alan Peters, FADP
Introduction: John McInerney, City of Sydney Councillor
September 2
Building Schools in Uganda: The complex role of the foreign architect – Ben Slee, Architect
September 9
Trying to nail jelly to the wall: where in the brain is creativity? – Arne Dietrich, American University, Beirut, Visiting Scholar FADP
September 23
Migration, Diversity and the City – Stephen Castles, Professor, Research Chair in Sociology
October 7 Fieldwork/Chernobyl – Merilyn Fairskye, Sydney College of the Art
October 14 Zwischenraume/In-Between Spaces – Robococo: Petra Gemeinboeck, UNSW and Rob Saunders, FADP
October 21
The life and death of public architecture – Hamish Lyon, NH Architecture, Melbourne
November 4
Activators – Jürgen Mayer H. J. MAYER H. Architects
November 11
Thinking laterally: applying the architect's skills beyond architecture – Speaker: Matthew Turner, CABE, Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow 2010

March 2010
March 3 Space, Time and Framing in Cinema and Architecture – Michael Tawa, FADP, 
March 25 Measuring Civic Design: The Case of the Sydney Desalination Project – Andy Dong, FADP
April 1 Planning for Sex Work – Phil Hubbard, Urban Social Geography, Loughborough University - cohosted by PRC
April 15
Aphorisms – Sandra Kaji O’Grady, FADP
April 22
Human Behaviour in Virtual Acoustic Environments – Bill Martens, FADP
April 29
The Principal and the Architect: Educational philosophy meets Design – Barbara Stone & Ed Lippmann, MLC School Principal & Lippmann Partnership - cohosted by Faculty of Education & Social Work
May 6
Design, Community Engagement and One Laptop per Child – Crighton Nichols & Rangan Srikhanta, One Laptop per Child Australia,
May 13
The Architecture of Zero Emission Housing – Caroline Pidcock, Pidcock Architecture + Sustainability - cohosted by Institute for Sustainable Solutions, The University of Sydney

July 2009
July 30 Brazil: Architecture, Urbanization and Housing
Doris Kowaltowski
August 6 Beware the Best of Government Intentions
Alan Peters
August  13
A 30 Year Public Transport Plan for Sydney
Gary Glazebrook
August  20
Composing to scale: Beethoven’s op 132 String Quartet in a minor – 3rd movement
Anne Boyd
August  27
Global Studio Johannesburg: Year 3 in Diepsloot
Anna Rubbo and Sydney
Global Studio 09 particpants
September 3 A2 Architects - Emerging Work
Caomhan Murphy
September 17 Measuring civic design: The case of the Sydney desalination project
Andy Dong
September 24
Topographic + suburban strategies
Nick Murcutt and Rachel Neeson
October 8 Faculty Researchers Speak
Faculty Research Expo
October 22

Thermal Delight in Architecture
Richard de Dear

March 2009
April 2
The Architecture of Jorn Utzon: Sources, Influences and Vision
Adrian Carter, Aalborg University, Denmark
Introduction: Richard lePlastrier, Architect
April 9
Theatrical tectonics: the mediating agency for a contesting practice
Gevork Hartoonian, University of Canberra
Introduction: Duanfang Lu, FADP
April 23
Agencies of the Frame: Mobilising Assemblage in Cinema and Architecture
Michael Tawa, University of Newcastle, UK
Introduction: Chris Smith, FADP
April 30
Making meaning: expression of self
Peter Poulet, Assistant Government Architect
Introduction: Deborah Dearing, RAIA
May 7
Green in (Global) Crisis: Where to for Architecture?
Caroline Pidcock, Architect & Al Gore Ambassador
Introduction: Glen Hill, FADP
May 14
Domesticating the Cold War: The American Home as a Cultural Weapon.
Greg Castillo, FADP
Introduction: Rowena Braddock, Gender Studies & US Studies Centre
May 21
New ideas or a case for recycling?
Current national trends in Indigenous housing and positive roles for local communities & architects.
Paul Pholeros,  HealthHabitat, Adjunct Professor FADP
Introduction: Paul Torzillio, MD
June 4
The Life and Death of World Trade Centre One
David Leifer, FADP
Introduction: Brae Antcliffe LLB

July 2008
July 31 Liz Grosz, Rutgers University, Visiting Professor FADP
"A Thousand Tiny Architects: Art and the Animal"
August 7 Chris Johnson, Special Projects Director, Department of Planning, NSW
"Networked Cities"
August  14
Rob Adams, Design and Urban Environment, City of Melbourne
"Lessons from Council House 2, Melbourne"
August  21
Terry Smith, University of Pittsburgh, Visiting Professor, FADP
"Image and Purpose in Contemporary Architecture"
September 4 Elizabeth Farrelly, SMT journalist and author, Adjunct Associate Professor, FADP
"Blubberland: The Dangers of Happiness"
September 11 Richard Hyde, FADP
"Bioclimatic Housing: Learning from Innovative Projects"
September 18
Lee Stickells, FADP
October 9 Anna Rubbo, FADP, and Global Studio Johannesburg participants
"Academic Acupuncture: Interdisciplinary Research and Education for Action"
October 23

Nicole Gurran, FADP and Vivienne Milligan, UNSW
"New directions in affordable housing policy and practice in Australia"

March 2008

April 3
Peter Armstrong, FADP
"The Lost Waterways of Sydney Harbour"

April 17

William Martens, McGill University, Canada
"What's shakin' you? Experimental investigations of multimodal perception in audio reproduction accompanied by whole-body vibration ﹠ motion"

April 24
An architectural tour down the Niger and beyond: Timbuctou, Dogon country, Djenne
'Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud...'

May 1
Rob Imrie, Professor Geography, Kings College London
"Architecture and the Codification of the Built Environment"  

May 8

Richard Johnson, Johnson Pilton Walker, 2008 Gold Medallist
"Reflecting on the practice of architecture"
May 15 Patrick Keane, Architect
"From digital to Physical"
May 22
John Wardle, John Wardle Architects
"Recent Work - Celebrating the Completion of USYD Central"

July 2007

August 2

Elizabeth Grosz, Rutgers University and Visiting Professor
Sensation. The Earth, A People, Art

August 16

Peter Williams, Housing Market Specialist, UK
Growing home ownership in a booming market: The UK experience

August 30

Terry Smith, University of Pittsburgh and Visiting Professor
After the Aftermath: Dwelling on Possible Futures
Book launch and launch of ATR vol 12,1

September 13

Richard Goodwin, Art, Architecture
Art and public space

September 20

Xing Ruan, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW
Architectural Enclosure, Topophilia and Topophobia

October 4, UN World Habitat Day

Anna Rubbo and GSJ students, Georgia Bowen, Hugh Snelgrove, Katie Fincher, Mark Tyrrell
Global Studio Johannesburg
+ Women’s centre Rufisque Senegal exhibition, Hearth , level 2.

October 11

Gerard Reinmuth, Terroir
Can Alterations and Additions Save the World?
Co-hosted with University Architecture Alumni Association

October 25 Philip Nobis, architect
Origins of Modernity in Berlin

March 2007

March 15

Roger Benjamin, Art History and Theory, University of Sydney
Modern Memories: writing the history of Jelinek's 'Benjamin House

March 22

Caroline Pidcock, architect & Al Gore ambassador
Climate Change and your Eco Footprint - what each of us can do?

March 29

IgorMarc Arquitectos, Spain BARCELONA`s transformation (three case studies)

April 19

Greg Castillo, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Egon Eiermann and Hans Scharoun: an exploration of German Modernism’s secret history

May 3

Marc Aurel Schnabel, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Architectural Parametric Designing

May 17

Jenni Reuter, Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects, Finland
Beyond Design – Designing the Women's Centre, Rufisque, Senegal

May 24

Paul Pholeros, Architect, AM
Eco development in China: between urban dweller and bamboo forest
Co-hosted with University Architecture Alumni Association

July 2006

August 3

Elizabeth Grosz, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Architecture

August 10

Jaime Rouillon, Iwamoto Scott , Responsive Environment
Urban Islands

August 17

Terry Smith, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Architecture
Architecture in the Aftermath: The Shift from Spectacle, the Pursuit of Purpose

August 29 

Taira Nishizawa, architect, critic, and academic: Japan
The Space between the Contemporary, the Modern and the Vulgar

September 7

Ed Blakely, and members of the US Study 2006 Transit Oriented Study Tour Team
Transit Oriented Development—Is it real? The American Railvolution

September 14

Film: + talk by Mike Horne, Landscape Architect
Urban Agriculture: Peak Oil, Cuba and the Salad Bar:
Co hosted with Verge Arts Festival and University of Sydney Union

October 5

Anna Rubbo, and Global Studio participants
Global Studio Vancouver and the Millennium Development Goals

October 12

Gevork Hartoonian, University of Canberra
The Crisis of the Object: The Architecture of Theatricality

October 19

Phillip Thalis & Paul Berkmeier, Architects. Jane Irwin, Landscape Architect
East Darling Harbour Competition: The Winning Project
co hosted with the Sydney University Alumni Association

March 2006

March 9

Anna Rubbo, Rafael Pizarro, Genevieve Blanchett,
University of Sydney
Global Studio Vancouver Information Session

March 16

Ed Blakely
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Sydney
New Orleans: Will it recover?

March 23

Robert Lang
Professor of Urban Planning at Virginia Tech and
Director of the Metropolitan Institute
Paul Knox
Dean of Architecture and Planning at Virginia Tech
The Emerging American Mega Suburb

March 30


Chris Abel
Architectural theorist, critic and writer
Foster and Gehry: One Technology; Two Cultures

April 13

Adrian Snodgrass
Adjunct Professor, UWS; Research Associate, University of Sydney
Interpretation in Architecture
Co-hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and
Centre for Cultural Research, UWS

April 27


Chris Johnson
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Architecture,
Executive Director Urban Renewal, Department of Planning
Cities within Cities: the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy

May 11
John Landis
Professor of City and Regional Planning,
University of California, Berkeley; Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney
Regional Planning as Scenario Development:
Recent examples from California

July 2005

August 11

Award-winning architects Neil Durbach and Camilla Block discuss their recent work.

August 25

Elizabeth Grosz, philosopher, Rutgers University
'Chaos, territory and art'

September 1 Neil Durbach, Durbach Block
'Recent work'
September 8
Thomas Lorenz, Vienna University of Technology
'Space invaders'
September 15
Richard Francis-Jones, FJMT
'Two new projects at the University of Sydney: The Law School and School of Information Technology'
October 4

Jo Noero, Noero Wolf Architects. Director, School of Architecture, University of Capetown
'The everyday, architecture and low-income communities: The museum of struggle'
and Global studio, Istanbul: Genevieve Blanchett, Jason Fraser, Josh Morrin,
Lara O'Reilly, Adriano Pupilli

October 13
John Pucher, Rutgers University
'Making transit irresistible: Lessons from Europe'
October 20
Frank Stanisic, Stanisic Associates
'Autonomy and connection: Recent work'

March 2005

March 17
Dr. Peter Fisher, Central Queensland University
Tilting or tipping points:
abrupt climate change, what does it mean for planning cities?
March 24
A/Professor Anna Rubbo , Joshua Morrin, Alan Miller
Global Studio, and new modes of practice: UIA Congress Istanbul , 2005'
April 7
Dr David Week, Director, Assai, Sydney
The Aceh reconstruction process
R. Nagarayan, Planner, India
The Bitsunami Project - the challenges of the Tsunami
April 21
Dr. Cameron Tonkinwise, Director of Design Studies, UTS & Convenor
of the Society for Responsible Design & its Change Design project.
Dematerialism and the Art of Seeing Living or Why Architecture's Self-Images lead to McMansions
April 28
Peter Cookson-Smith, Director, Urbis, Hong Kong
“Regeneration through Urban Design in Hong Kong and China”
May 19
Prof. Dr. Friedmund Hueber
Ephesus: The Remains of a Built History
June 2
Joseph Buch, University of Sydney
Istanbul's great architect- Mimar Sinan and his mosques

July 2004

August 19 'Contact Zone': The Biennale and Architecture
Dr. Charles Merewether, 2006 Sydney Biennale Director
August 26 Computers and Design Creativity
Professor John Gero, Faculty of Architecture 
September 2 Smart Buildings and the Digital World
Professor Mary Lou Maher, Dr Andrew Vande Moere and Dr Kirsty Beilharz, Faculty of Architecture
September 9 The Culture of Building
John McAslan, John McAslan + Partners, UK
September 23 Ancient Rome in the Eyes of the Beholder: Virtual Reality Models and Academia
Professor Diane Favro, Architecture & Urban Design, UCLA
October 7 Future House: Imagining the Future
Chris Johnson, Adjunct Professor and NSW Government Architect
October 14 Society, Behaviour and the Built Environment
Professor Gary Moore, Associate Professor Anna Rubbo, and Dr Duanfang Lu, Faculty of Architecture
October 21 Crossing Boundaries: Architecture, Urban Design and Planning
Professor Tom Heneghan, Barrie Shelton, Professor Ed Blakely, Faculty of Architecture

March 2004

March 18
Andrew Andersons, PTW Architects
Sydney Theatre: Designing for the Performing Arts
introduction: Trevor Howells
Tuesday March 30 Eastern Avenue Auditorium, 6-8pm
Georg Gewers, Berlin and Ludwig Wappner, Munich
Future Modernisms: Aspects of Contemporary German Architecture
introduction: Adjunct Professor Chris Johnson
April 1
Professor Louis Albrechts, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
Planners as Catalysts for Action
introduction : A/Professor John Toon
April 22
Martin Butterworth, Space Syntax , Sydney
Evidenced-based Urban Regeneration of Cities
introduction: Barrie Shelton
May 6
Greg Burgess, Gregory Burgess Architects. Melbourne. 2004 RAIA Gold Medallist
Recent Work
introduction: Colin James
May 13
Professor Lisa Findley, CCAC, California
Found in Translation: Architecture and Cultural Politics
introduction: Professor Tom Heneghan
May 27
John Gollings, photographer, Melbourne
Architectural Photography in the Digital Age
introduction: A/Professor Anna Rubbo

July 2003

July 31
Professor Terry Smith, Art Historian
Department of the History of Art and Architecture. University of Pittsburgh,USA
"Affect Architecture: Bilbao, Ground Zero and Beyond"
Introduction: Harry Margalit
August 14
Professor Elizabeth Grosz, Philosopher
Women's and Gender Studies, Rutgers University, USA
"Deleuze and Space"
Introduction: Andrew Benjamin
Co-hosted with Art History and Theory, and Gender Studies
August 28 Stephen Varady , Architect, Sydney
"Architecture as Imagination made Solid"
Introduction: Tom Heneghan
September 11 Catherine Hart, Development Manager, Lend Lease Development
"Women Build: Making Better Places for People"
Introduction: Anna Rubbo
September 18 Col James, Faculty of Architecture
"CRASH Sydney: the underbelly of the Architect"
Imtroduction: Caroline Pidcock
September 25 Richard Goodwin, Artist
"Porosity and the Contemporary Urban Fabric"
Introduction : Glen Hill
October 9* Richard Johnson, Architect , Johnson Pilton Walker with specialist inputs by  Richard Hough Engineer, Arup & Andrew Nicol, Arup Acoustics 
"Celebrating Joern Utzon: The Future of the Opera House"
Introduction: Tom Heneghan
October 23 Dr Vivienne Milligan, Housing Analyst
"How Different? Housing Assistance Policies and their Impacts in Australia and the Netherlands"
Introduction: Peter Phibbs

March 2003

March 13 Dr Tom Uren AO, and Richard LePlastrier, architect
"Sydney Harbour Dreaming: A Dialogue"
March 27 Peter Davidson, Lab architecture studio, Melbourne
" the black swan of trespass
April 17 Dr David Week, Assai : culture driven projects
"500 Schools in Laos"
May 1 Adjunct A/Professor Paul Pholeros
"Housing for Health"
May 15 Janet Laurence, artist
Elemental Spaces: Art and Healing
May 29 Dr Gevork Hartoonian, Faculty of Architecture
'The Limelight of the House-Machine'

July 2002

22 August Professor Tom Kvan - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong
"Computer augmented learning in the design studio: Theory and practice"
29 August Dr Bronwyn Hanna - Author of "Women Architects in Australia 1900-1950" with Julie Willis
"Why have there been no great women architects (in Australia)?"
Introduction: Associate Professor Anna Rubbo
Preceded by the opening of an Exhibition of student work from the the B.Arch Open Studio and the launch of Dispatch 5.30pm and after the lecture –Level 3 Wilkinson Building
5 September Dr Peter Armstrong - Sulman Medal Winner 2002
Architecture and Memory
12 September Associate Professor Anna Rubbo - University of Sydney
Globalisation, education and 'an architecture of decency'"
19 September Dr Elizabeth Farrelly - Architecture Critic, Sydney Morning Herald
"East Circular Quay: architecture v. democracy"
17 October Patrick Clifford - award winning architect, co-founder of Architectus
Talking about his own past and current architectural work
24 October Professor Ilgi Askun - Mimar Sinan University, Department of Restoration, Istanbul
"Turkey's Place in the World's Cultural Heritage".
31 Oct Dr Andrew Benjamin
"In what style should we build?" The Architecture of the Cosmopolitan.
Nov 7 Associate Professor John Toon - University of Sydney
"Reflections on the Planning of Sydney"

March 2002

March 28 Professor Tom Heneghan, Chair of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Sydney.
Ten years in Japan: Works by Tom Heneghan
April 11 Adjunct Professor Chris Johnson. NSW Government Architect.
"Geometries of Power: Imperial Cities of Delhi"
May 2 Gevork Hartoonian. Teaches History, Theory and Design at the Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Sydney
A-Tectonic: Roofing the Wrap, Wrapping the Roof
May 9 Naomi Stead.Teaches Architectural Theory at the University of Technology Sydney
Publicity, Populism, and Popular Culture: Reading the National Museum of Australia
May 23 Professor Fred Collignon.Professor of Planning - University of California at Berkeley
Infrastructure Planning Problems in California
May 30 Anton James. Anton James is a landscape architect and artist.
June 6 Michael Fox.Sydney Architect and access consultant
Access - No Longer an Option: Responsibilities and Opportunities.

July 2001

August 16 Jennifer Taylor, Professor, Queensland University of Technology
Yemen: An Extraordinary Architecture for an Extraordinary land
August 30 Michael Fox, Director, Access Australia
"Access- No Longer an Option: Responsibilities and Opportunities
September 6 Sally Gray, Cultural Consultant
"Creating a Gateway to Australia: the Art at Work public art program at Sydney International Airport
September 13 Kim Smith and Bo Helliwell, Principals, Blue Sky Architecture,Vancouver
Traces of Time and Place: Canada’s West Coast Architecture
September 18 Neil Leach, Professor of Architectural Theory, University of Bath
" e-Futures: Designing for a Digital World"
October 11 John McInerney, Commisioner for Land and Planning, Canberra; Director, City Plan Services, Sydney
"The Professional Town Planner: Philosopher King or Municipal Dogcatcher"
October 18, The Vice Chancellor’s Sesquicentenary Distinguished Lecture Series
Aldo Guirgola. MGT Architects, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Architecture
An Itinerary of Architecture

March 2001

March 1 Lars Gemzoe, architect/writer, Copenhagen
" Humanising Public Spaces: Cities with a Vision for Public Space Design from around the World"
March 15 David McNeill , College of Fine Arts, UNSW
"Globalisation and Culture: Artists in a Brave New World"
March 22 Andrew Benjamin , Professor of Philosphy, Warwick University
"Surface Effects" Co-hosted with Department of Philosophy
March 29 Pamille Berg, Mitchell Guirgola Thorp Architects
"Artists and architects in the public realm"
April 5 Wayne Edgtton, Facilities Manager, Domain Consultants
"Stadium Australia: Built for a Long Life"
co-hosted with the Architecture Alumni Association
May 3 Special session: "Writing a grant proposal"
This year $65000 is available to registered architects, recent graduates and architecture students through the Board of Architects’ Byera Hadley Scholarship. Former winners will speak about their projects, and academics from NSW architecture schools will offer advice on writing successful proposals.
Co-hosted with UTS, UNSW and University of Newcastle
May 10 Martine de Maeseneer , architect,/teacher ,Belgium.
"Retracings: Reflections on 10 years of practice"
co-hosted with RAIA Women in Architecture
May 24 Gustavo Jimenez, architect / teacher, Manizales, Colombia
"Vernacular and Contemporary Design: The enigmatic face of Latin American Architecture"

July 2000

July 20 Davina Jackson former editor Architecture Australia and Chris Johnson Government Architect and Adjunct Professor
" Australian Architecture Now"

July 27
Kristine Sodersten, Faculty of Architecture
"Reconceptualising Design Education"
August 10 Gevork Hartoonian, Faculty of Architecture
Frank Gehry: A Note in Fantasie
August 24 Liang-gao Zhang, Professor and Architect, Huazhong University, Hubei, China
Form, Space and Colour in Chinese Traditional Architecture"

August 31
Iain Borden, Director of Architectural History and Theory, The Bartlett, University College
The Unknown City: Architectures and Urban Experiences

October 26
Mary Lou Maher and John Gero, Faculty of Architecture
"Virtual Architecture and Web Based Agents"

March 2000

March 9 2000 Alumni Lecture
Lindsay and Kerry Clare, Design Directors, PWD
Clare Design: Strategies and Choices"
co-hosted with the Architecture Alumni Association
March 23 Lucy Turnbull, City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor and chair of the Planning Committee.
"Urban Consolidation and Design: Negotiating the Maze of Competing Issues"
May 4 Peter Myers, architect, Sydney
"The First Monument of the Third City:Professor H.Ingham Ashworth's Visionary Strategy for the Sydney Opera House"

May 18
Ian McDougall, Ashton Raggatt McDougall, Melbourne.
"ARM Big and Little Projects"
June 2 Leslie Weismann, Professor of Architecture, NJIT, New York
"Creating the Universally Designed City: Prospects for the New Century"
co-hosted with Women in Architecture. RAIA

July 1999

August 5 Chao Chung-Sheng: Chaoyong University of Technology, Taiwan
" Nature and people: Aspects of Chinese Traditional Gardens"
August 26 Richard LePlastrier, Architect, 1999 RAIA Gold Medallist
" A few things on one's mind: reflections on architecture today"
September 16 Lorraine Serrena, Artistic Director WBB, USA
" Women Beyond Borders: Building a World Community of Artists",
lecture in conjunction with exhibition at the Tin Sheds Gallery, 154 City Rd.
September 23 Richard Francis-Jones, Partner, MGT Architects
" Speed, Slowness and Contemporary Modernism"
co-hosted by the University of Sydney Architecture Alumni Association

October 14
Janet Laurence, Mixed media and installation artist
"The Space between Matter and Memory"
co-hosted by Women in Architecture, RAIA

October 21
Liu Kaiji, Architect, Beijing, Vice President Chinese Institute of Architects
"Chinese Architecture: Reviewing the Twentieth Century"
co-hosted with Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences & the Department of Chinese Studies

March 1999

March 11 Merilyn Fairskye: visual artist
"Material World: Art, Architecture and the Visual Realm'
introduction: Anna Rubbo
March 18 Andrejs Skabursis, Planner, Queens University, Canada
"Determinants of Household Formation and Housing Choice: The Future dream"
April 1 Christopher Tuckfield, Sydney filmmaker
"Renzo Piano: interpreting the man and his work through film"
April 29 Andrew Burges, architect, Bligh Voller Nield Pty Ltd, Sydney
"Hopscotch and Threshold: Five Tales of travel in the Twentieth century"
co-hosted with the Architecture Alumni Association
May 6 Brian McGrath, architect, New York
"Transparent Cities: A critique of post modern urban design"
May 20 Christine Vadasz, architect, Byron Bay
"The Challenge of Staying Green: recent work"

July 1998

July 30 Michael Spens Architect, historian (University of Dundee, Scotland),Director of Viipuri Library Appeal (UK)
"Repositioning Aalto"
respondent: Bob Woodward, Architect (Sydney)
co-hosted by the University of Sydney Architecture Alumni Society
September 3 Peter Myers, Architect (Sydney)
"Utzon at 80"
October 8 H. Allen Brooks, Architectural historian ( University of Toronto, Canada)
"The Griffins and the Prairie School "
Co-hosted with the Powerhouse Museum in connection with the exhibition Beyond architecture: Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin in America, Australia and India. Exhibition viewing 5.30. Lecture 6.30. Coles Theatre, Powerhouse Museum.
October 22 Joseph Buch, Architectural historian (USA)
"In-between Realms: what is "Dutch" about Netherlands Architecture?"

March 1997

April 17 Hendrik Wieland, architect and planner MAA, Austria
"WEST meets EAST over Housing and Other Buildings: Architecture, Sustainability and the Real Politic of Practice"
May 1 James Weirick, Professor of Landscape Architecture, UNSW
"Sydney: Development Dilemmas of the Olympic City"
May 15 Richard Harris, Professor of Geography, McMaster University, Canada
"North American Suburbs, 1900-1950: Reconstruction"
May 29 Paul-Alan Johnson, Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney
"The Cahill Expressway and the Circular Quay Railway: Revisiting the Design Ideas"
July semster 1997- do you have that on file?March semester 1998
March 26 Mark Goulthorpe, dECOi architects, Paris
Smectic State: the psychological and technical implications of the 'second' machine age for architectural production.
April 2 Thomas Leeser, Leeser Architecture NY, Adjunct Professor Columbia University
co-hosted by the NSW RAIA Chapter

April 9
Peter Kohane.Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney
"Nature into Architecture: The Buildings of Itsuko Hasegawa and Ashton Raggatt and McDougall"
introduction: Swetik Korzeniewski

April 30
Made Wijaya,Wijaya Tribwana International, Bali, http://www/
"Theatrical Nature: setting for dream homes and romantic gardens"
co-hosted by the University of Sydney Architecture Alumni Association
May 14 John Lea, Department of Architecture, Planning and Allied Arts
"Conservation versus development: the future of permanent communities in Kakadu and Lord Howe Island World Heritage Sites"

July 1996

July 25 Col James, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"The International Housing Agenda Post habitat 11"
August 8 Hugo Hinsley, Architectural Association, London
"Sustainable Housing and Sustaining Urban Life"
August 22 Maurry Shaw, architect, Byron Bay
"The Architect Within"

September 19
Swetik Korzeniewski, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"The Belly of the Architect'
October 10 Craig Burton, department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Architecture as landscape in Australia"
October 24 Elspeth Probyn, Women's Studies, University of Sydney
"Looking at Spatiality through the Lens of Cultural Studies"
November 21 Therese Kenyon, Art Workshop, and Robyn Backen, artist
"Artists with a Specific Site"

March 1996

March 28 Doug Kelbaugh, University of Washington. Seattle
"Paved with Good Intentions: Suburbia and the Cost of Sprawl"
April 4 Peter Droege. Professor of Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture
" Intelligent Environments: Spatial Impacts of Information Technology"
April 24 Chris Johnson, NSW Government Architect
"Public Architecture in a Changing World'
May 9 Bettina Cass, Social Work and Social Policy, university of Sydney
"Redesigning Housing Policy and Urban Space"
May 23
Jan Wampler, Architecture, MIT, Boston
" Globalisation, Housing and the Developing World"
June 6 Keith Billings, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Design is neither Art nor Science"

July 1995

July 13 Lawrence Nield
"Contemporary Architecture: Financial Texturing Takes Over"
July 27 Richard Coyne, department of Architectural Science, University of Sydney
" Digital Disclosures: The Best and Worst of Being Wired"
August 3 Mark Robbins, University of Ohio, USA
" Reading Architecture to Understand Culture"
August 31 Jennifer Taylor, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Japan and the Technological Encounter"
September 14 Deborah White, Department of Architecture, University of Adelaide
"Out of Place and Out of Site? Women in Architecture in the 1990s"
September 28 Anna Rubbo, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Marion Mahony Griffin: Architect"
October 12 Ross Thorne, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Theatres and Fantasy"
October 26 Joan Domicelj, ICOMOS International, Paris
"World Heritage: Where is it Going?"
November 2 Serge Domicelj, Professor of Planning, University of Sydney
"Cultural Planning in Asian Cities"

March 1995

March 23 Phil Jacobson, University of Washington, Seattle
"The Modern Movement in Scandinavia"
April 13 Sophie Watson, Professor of Planning, University of Sydney
"Metropolis When? Planning for Multiculturalism in a Post Modern World"
May 4 Michael Taussig, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, USA
" Freeways and the Sacred"
May 18 John Reps, Emeritus professor, USA
"Canberra: Lost Plans and Forgotten Contestants of an Internal Planning Competition"
June 1 Peter Myers, architect, Sydney
"From Schinkel to Sulman: Little Known treasures in the Folio Collection"
June 15 Tone Wheeler, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney
"Towards New Housing Typologies"