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Life Without a New Planning Act?

What are the options?

Come and participate in a lively forum on what are the options for planning reform in NSW if there is no new Planning Act.

The forum will start with short contributions from a panel. You will also have opportunities to join in the discussion and to ask questions. The forum will be moderated by Mr Craig Knowles, President of the Planning Research Centre and Chairman of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority

The Panel

  • The property industry: Glen Byres NSW CEO of the Property Council of Australia
  • The community: Jeff Angel: Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre
  • The academic: Peter Phibbs, Chair of Urban Planning, University of Sydney
  • The consultant: Sarah Hill, Hill PDA
  • Local Government: Sue Weatherly, Parramatta City Council
  • The Lawyer: Alice Spizzo, Lander and Rogers

Thursday July 17th 2014 6.30pm - 8pm
Refreshments will be served from 6 pm and after the lecture.

Venue: New Law School Lecture Theatre 101 Map
RSVP: Kim Beecroft -

This is a free event.

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