Research Candidates


Amit Bhattarai

Amit joined the PRC in 2007 as a PhD candidate focusing on Ecological Footprints and its application. His PhD research is investigating the relationship between culture, tradition and eclogical footprints of different communities. He is also currently working with Alan Peters on "Making Migrant Space" research project. Amit has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture (from India) and Masters in Urban Planning from The University of Hong Kong,


 Michael Comninos

Micheal joined the PRC in March 2010. Michael is an MPhil/PhD candidate and his research will focus on improving the financing of development infrastructure in NSW.


 Sarah Hill

Sarah started a PhD with the PRC in early 2009 and is undertaking research in the field of planning and economics. Sarah also works as Hill PDA's Practice Manager, responsible for professional development and the management of the firm. With over 12 years of international planning experience, Sarah is also the firm’s Principal Planner. Sarah specialises in the relationship between planning, economics and society. She leads on a variety of major projects for local and state government organisations as well as private developers. Key projects relate to employment and centre studies, economic and social impact assessments, major infrastructure projects and the preparation of statutory plans.

   Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter is a PhD candidate working on natural resources governance and public participation in NSW.  Her research is focused on the role of diverse knowledge traditions in planning and policy decisions.  Emily has a background in social and environmental geography and South East Asian development.  She has previously worked with researchers in Laos on community-based natural resource management and land tenure issues.  She has taken undergraduate geography students on extended field schools through the Mekong region of South East Asia.  Emily also has a Masters degree in social linguistics and has a keen interest in issues of language and discourse related to natural resource governance and environmental knowledges.


Matthias Irger

Matthias joined the PRC in 2009 and is conducting research on sustainable urban design with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation in Australian cities. Matthias Irger graduated in architecture at the Hochschule Bremen, Germany in 2001. He was subsequently employed by Murphy/Jahn in Chicago, USA, before he came to Australia in 2004 to work with Cox Richardson Architects and later with Lippmann Partnership. Over the course of his career Matthias has gained experience and expertise in a wide range of small and large scale high-profile projects, including commercial high-rise, residential buildings, sporting and transport facilities, and urban design.

   Zeenat Mahjabeen

Zeenat is a PhD candidate and joined PRC in 2007. Her PhD research is on community participation in urban planning with the case study of Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 2005. She is a Lecturer at Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (currently on study leave). Zeenat has a Masters (1st position in 1st Class) and Honours degree in Geography and Environment from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her research experience and expertise are on urban socio-cultural issues especially on participatory urban development. 

   Kym Norley

Kym joined the PRC in 2009 and is undertaking research on the economic sustainability impact, and other effects, of deferring infrastructure investment in Sydney’s growth centres. Prior to commencing his PhD, Kym spent ten years with the international management consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton. He had previously held executive management positions in corporate planning, information systems and business management in the rail sector, mostly in freight. He has a Master of Town Planning and a Bachelor of Technology from the University of Adelaide, and other qualifications in management and transportation systems. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport.


 Ji Yuan Yu

Ji Yuan Yu joined PRC in March 2010 and is undertaking research on computer-based modeling with the interests of GIS and remote sensing. His research is to build a population distribution model for Sydney to assist in accommodating additional population in future twenty years based on evaluating the environmental consequences. Ji obtained his bachelor degree in Beijing University of Chemical Technology and was exchanged to Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland in 2008. Following a straight academic education, Ji was awarded Master degree in Logistics by the Institute of Logistics and Transport in University of Sydney. During his spare time, Ji has visited over 11 European countries.