The Building Services program at the University of Sydney recognises the integration of the performance, design and management of a building. As the only Building Services program taught by an Australian faculty of the built environment, this program with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning embeds high level integration across our building services units. Your knowledge is not limited to ‘trade-skills’ endorsed by other programs. Instead, our first-principles approach, backed by the latest research and advanced equipment, ensures that you gain the understandings necessary to become a leader in this growing field.

Your program focuses on the management and science that enables great advances in building services. By studying the operation of plant, equipment, machinery and other services, you gain the detailed technical knowledge that underpins successful building services. You will understand these systems holistically, with reference to their financial, environmental and social impacts. And you will be cognisant of how to work alongside architects, designers, facilities managers and building tenants to produce plans that are site specific, appropriate and responsive.

The flexibility of the Building Services program enables you to incorporate deep understandings of the theory and practice of sustainable systems design, ratings and measurement systems, performance metrics and financial analyses. With optional units in strategic and project management, lighting and hydraulic services, our program offers you an unrivalled ability to tailor your study to your career goals. With the Double Stream option, you can extend your study and gain a specialisation in a second area of study, chosen from Audio and Acoustics, Illumination Design, Sustainable Design and Facilities Management.

Double Stream

The Master, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs in Building Services provide you with a specialisation in the assessment, development and implementation of successful building services. You study these essential perspectives within the core units of program, alongside foundational units in Architectural Science. All students of the Building Services program are trained in these fundamental understandings.

But you may be a student that wants to distinguish yourself. You might want to extend your studies and truly demonstrate to employers your mastery not just of Building Services, but also of a related field from the design sciences. The Double Stream program in Building Services allows you to demonstrate this dedication to your studies and the commitment to professional skills these studies represent.

You may take an additional 24 credit points from the core units of our programs in Audio and Acoustics, Illumination Design, Sustainable Design and Facilities Management.


Our Building Services program can be taken as a Graduate Certificate (six months full time), Graduate Diploma (one year full time) or Master degree (one and a half years full time), or as a double stream Master degree (two years full time). Part time study options are available for domestic students.

Many Building Services units are taught as ‘block-mode’ intensive classes, delivered over four to six full days, some of which occur on weekends to accommodate students working students. Some units may be delivered in weekly lecture format. Please refer to the current timetable or Faculty Handbook to explore the delivery method of you chosen subjects.

Students may apply to upgrade at the completion of their program from the Graduate Certificate, through to the Diploma and then to the Masters by maintaining a credit average over the course of study. Masters and Diploma students may also opt to graduate with a lower level of certification once the required units are complete.

Individual units can also be taken as Continuing Professional Development short courses without enrolling into a degree.


Primary Core

Secondary Core


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Primary Stream Core Units

Secondary Stream Core Units

Building Services Optional Units

  • Illumination Stream

  • Audio & Acoustics Stream

  • Sustainable Stream

  • Facilities Management Stream

  • Building Services Stream

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How To Apply

Your application requirements for the Building Services program depends on which level of qualification you desire. Mid-Year entry is available for all program levels. Part time study is available for domestic students.

Master and Graduate Diploma applicants should hold a Bachelor degree. Graduate Certificate applicants should hold a Bachelor degree or possess experience that is considered to demonstrate the knowledge and aptitude required to undertake the course.

Applications for Postgraduate studies are completed online. Please visit Courses Online to get started.

Applications must be accompanied by original transcripts of study ( or copies issued and certified by the issuing institution), together with certified copies of your Identification. (Birth Certificate or Passport). If you who are applying for a certificate program based on industry experience should attach a CV and any other supporting documentation that may assist in the assessment of your.

For further information or enquiries, please contact the program director, Dr Richard de Dear

Just want to study one unit of study as professional development?

Visit the CPD page for more information on Professional Development courses.



The intensives were just that; intensive. But they provided more opportunity to meet fellow students. The secret with block modes is to do the background reading and research. Don’t let yourself get left behind as there is no time to catch up. Even if you just do one or two units as non-award, they are a great opportunity to gain an understanding of core concepts.

In the end it is not just the technical and theoretical knowledge you gain from a program like this that is valuable, it’s the confidence that you can make a difference at a senior level, especially when you are coming from a trade background. Completing this program truly did have a massive influence on my professional life.

You can’t ask for more than the architecture, engineering and science mix you get from a building services program. It is interesting, challenging and a lot of work, but ultimately a really rewarding experience.