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Our new Master of Architectural Science (High Performance Buildings) is your pathway to an exciting and rewarding career in the built environment field.

This unique degree allows you to pursue or develop your career within a wide range of areas including building services, architectural practice, business, sustainable design, commercial development, property management and more..


As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised and buildings continue to tie up 40 percent of our energy costs, high performance buildings are more important than ever. The challenge is to reduce the energy consumption and maintenance costs of large buildings, while ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for occupants. To achieve these goals, the industry requires a new type of professional – an expert with specialised skills in the optimisation of new and existing buildings for the best design and delivery of services.

This degree is designed to equip you with the professional skills to ensure maximum operational efficiencies, optimal comfort and health outcomes for occupants of corporate and residential environments


At the heart of our education and research is the drive to improve connections between people and their environment. Through the combination of technology, design and research, we seek to positively shape the communities and environments in which we live and work.

As global sustainability and urbanism challenges increase over the coming decades, we are seeking students who will create, manage and innovate to meet these obstacles and be leaders in their respective fields. Our education is at the forefront of meeting these challenges and our graduates are highly sought after.


As a leading educator with a highly responsive curriculum, the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney is ideally placed to respond to evolving industry needs. When you study with us, you will have access to world-class equipment and facilities, such as our Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) laboratory, where you can research the interaction of key factors such as temperature, humidity, air movement, ventilation rates, air quality, daylight, artificial lighting, sound and acoustics. You will also have access to specialist facilities such as an acoustics laboratory, anechoic chamber and lighting laboratory to support your study. These give you the opportunity to not only learn but also actively participate in research as part of your studies.

The Master of Architectural Science (High Performance Buildings) is open to graduates from a range of disciplines including science, engineering, architecture, building and planning. Expressions of interest are also welcome from other backgrounds.

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