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Chromapollination is a centerpiece installation for Vivid 2012. Students from the Master of Design Science (Illumination Design) and the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney have combined to conceive an engaging and playful lighting installation.

Work is feverishly underway on finalizing the installation before Lights On (Thursday 25 May). The Wilkinson Building, home to the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, is buzzing with students programming LEDs, negotiating with sponsors and festival organisers and tweaking their designs.

Chromapollination is an interactive light sculpture that will reclaim a neglected urban space in Sydney’s CBD and transform that space into a playful and inviting city organism. Sprawling from cracks in the concrete, giant glowing dandelions will project colour and motion onto and around passersby and festival participants.

The dandelions react to their environment – passersby generate a digital wind that gently caresses the tops of the flowers. As force builds, the ‘seeds’ break off, mimicking a real dandelion.

The seeds are created by the glowing bulbs of energy-efficient LEDs of the same colour as their parent dandelion. As the seeds mix, they cross-pollinate the dandelions, germinating into new colours derived from the seeds that have landed on that dandelion.

VIVID transfigures Sydney’s urban environment into an evocative and wondrous playground immersed in lights, music and inspiring ideas. Each night, from 25 May – 11 June, Sydney’s lit wonderland radiates from the Sydney Opera House all the way to Dawes Point and Walsh Bay. More details can be found

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