Infinity Squared

Infinity Squared

Kristy Philp is back for a second round of Vivid glory after contributing last year. In conjunction with her employer, Haron Robson lighting, she has produced Infinity Squared, a mesmerising geometric sculpture heavily influenced by the mind-bending work of M.C. Escher.

“What we created was a bit of a vortex tunnel,” Kristy says. “It’s a polygon that has been twisted. We are using glow wire, a form of electroluminescent wire. It’s a simple product that only has on and off controls. But we specifically wanted to use a simple product to make complex effect”.

She describes Infinity Squared as a “portal to a futuristic world, where repetitive geometries and linear lighting creates an optical illusion of movement”.

Kristy says that hardest part was finalising the design for the structure.

“There was a lot of challenges in how to make the actual square structure look nice, geometrically speaking. We had to model it in (3d software) Solid Works and it did take a lot of time to get the forms just right. We had to map where all the wires would go, which was extremely time consuming, particularly as we had never worked with this type of wire before,” Kristy said.

But Kristy doesn’t regret the choice of materials. Instead, she feels that festivals like Vivid are the perfect opportunity to try out something new.

Infinity Squared

“It’s a chance to experiment. As things go wrong you will learn. It gets boring if you play it safe all the time. It’s challenging to work with something you haven’t used before but you learn from your mistakes,” Kristy said.

Despite having a few technical issues during installation, Kristy is confident that the sculpture will be in full effect. She says it’s the last-minute drama that makes Vivid such a demanding and exciting festival.

“It’s always fun at the beginning and then it gets extremely stressful. During the lead up there is a lot of pressure to achieve your goals by the tight deadlines,” Kristy said. “But we do it because we just want to have fun.”

Kristy is in the final semester of her Master of Design Science (Illumination Design) at the University of Sydney. She will complete her studies in June after the Vivid Festival ends on June 11.