Lead the future of urban development

If you are interested in a career in urban planning, design, heritage and development, our new Master of Urbanism could be your pathway to specialisation as a professional urban planner, urban designer, heritage architect or consultant.

This two-year postgraduate program has been developed to address the urgent need for specialists in the planning, development and architectural industries who understand the complex interrelationships between the various aspects of environmental planning.

During the program, you will benefit from mentoring by leading industry experts, who will share the latest knowledge and provide direct professional input.

The core units of study will provide you with an overview of urbanism, and allow you to specialise in the areas of urban and regional planning, urban design and heritage conservation. You will develop a sophisticated understanding of the history and theory of these three areas, including their interrelationship, key concepts, analytical and technical skills.

Throughout your degree, you will be able to select from a range of electives to deepen or broaden your studies, including the option to take an international field studio placement (for domestic students). This will enhance your global outlook and provide greater exposure to international perspectives and experiences.

As part of the master’s degree, which was developed in consultation with the Planning Institute of Australia, you will apply your knowledge to a complex real-world project. This will challenge you to employ the breadth of expertise you have developed, and demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for successful teamwork.

To be eligible for this degree, you need to have already completed a bachelor’s degree in planning, architecture, design, human geography and/or related fields in the sciences or humanities, or have completed an approved graduate certificate.

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