Our new degree, the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (BAE), provides an architectural education that contextualises architecture within the framework of the wider built environment. This program opens the door to a wide range of professions in the field. Whether you choose to graduate with this course, or proceed to one of our range of professional master’s courses, the BAE provides the skills and knowledge to operate successfully in today’s complex and globalised construction industries.

Design is central to the degree, but you will also gain a broad understanding of urban planning and policy, architectural science and the IT systems which underlay contemporary design and modelling.

You will learn the latest techniques through intensive practical, laboratory and studio-based classes. Your studies will also cover best practice construction techniques, structural principles and building material properties. You will develop a thorough understanding of the relationship between architects, urban planners, urban designers, heritage conservation, property developers, engineers, construction managers and other built environment professionals.

This will give you a clear advantage in an industry that is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary. Core units are complemented by electives to allow you to deepen your knowledge within the faculty, or to explore the unrivalled breadth offered across the University of Sydney. The degree culminates in a capstone design studio. Your studies will be informed by the research of the academic staff and professional expertise of our visiting lecturers. The BAE draws on the full range of the faculty’s disciplines and its laboratories, which are the most extensive in Australia.

Pathways to Multiple Careers

The BAE will prepare you for a wide range of exciting professions available in the built environment.

Importantly, it also gives you a pathway to the following courses:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
IDEA9106 Design Thinking
BDES1011 Architectural History and Theory
DECO1012 Design Programming
AWSS1001 Architectural Sketching and Drawing
TBA Design Integration Lab: Materials and the Environment
TBA City Form and Development
TBA Light and Sound
TBA Design Integration Lab: Exploring Urban Environments
BDES3023 Architectural Technologies 3
TBA Designing for Environmental Quality
TBA Empirical Thinking for the Built Enviroment
BDES1023 Architectural Technologies 1
TBA Living Cities
TBA Design Elective
TBA Design Integration Lab: Energy and the Environment
BDES2013 Architectural Technologies 2
TBA BIM and Building Integration
TBA Design Integration Lab: Capstone
TBA Integrative Project
TBA Property and the Built Environment

Flexible Entry

The flexible entry scheme is available to Bachelor of Design in Architecture & Environments applicants who fall under one of the following categories:

  • Year 12 applicants

  • Non-Year 12 applicants under the age of 21

  • Mature age applicants who are Australian citizens. Find out more

Flexible entry is designed to assist the University of Sydney to identify students who may not have achieved the required ATAR, but nonetheless demonstrate an aptitude for studies in Architecture.

More details on flexible entry are available on the Pathways page.