Architecture Today

Architects do far more than design buildings and spaces.

In addition to fulfilling their traditional role as designers of family homes and public buildings, architects are crucially involved in large-scale developments and consultancies for government, companies and developers. Architects respond to social and community needs and shape the way we live and experience the world.

Today’s architects can be found in architectural firms, design agencies, property development, government agencies and in education.

Architects work alongside an array of allied professions, including project managers, planners, engineers, sustainability consultants and lighting and acoustic experts. They also provide client services involving budgeting, managing construction and technical specifications. Architects need to be good managers as well as creative professionals.

Responsive Design

Reflecting the architecture profession itself, our curriculum is highly dynamic, responding to the emerging issues that are impacting the way we design the built environment.

New Technologies

Technology is a vital part of today’s architectural environment. At Sydney you will incorporate the latest design software into design processes, and develop the strategic ability to manage complex data and ideas that generate creative and innovative solutions.

We focus strongly on new technology, and you will work with the latest digital design and fabrication techniques. Our state-of-the-art studios and workshops upskill you in fabrication, 3D printing, robotic construction and much more.


Well-established as a core part of socially responsible design, sustainability is becoming an increasingly prioritised issue among law makers, businesses and the public. No longer an expensive and prestigious design addition, the ability to embed sustainability into design concepts is expected by architectural and property firms worldwide.

Global Focus

The discipline of architecture is global, with an increasing number of firms working on projects both locally and abroad.

As such, the language of architecture is international and students need to become fluent in it to work competently. Our graduates understand different cultures, design principles and professional settings. Your education is enhanced by the expertise of a world class faculty and a curriculum that supports creation of socially responsive design and innovative, expressive concepts.

Your first step to an exciting new career
in the built environment

We offer two undergraduate courses, the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and the new Bachelor of Architecture and Environments.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture (BDesArch) is your first step to becoming a registered architect. Learn to design for the built environment through a studio-based program that encompasses the aesthetic, technical, social and professional aspects of architecture.

The BDesArch’s well-rounded approach encompasses all aspects of the profession and prepares you for the Master of Architecture.

Bachelor of Architecture and Environments

Our new degree, the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (BAE), provides an architectural education that contextualises architecture within the framework of the wider built environment.

The BAE will prepare you for a wide range of exciting professions available in the built environment.