Simon Weir - Salvador Dali's Interiors with Heraclitus's Concealment. In Gregory Marinic
Ross Anderson - The Appian Way
Chris L. Smith - Bodies without Organs and Cities without Architecture
Cameron Logan - Historic Capital: Preservation, Race, and Real Estate in Washington D.C.
Andrew Leach - Crisis on Crisis
Chris L. Smith - Bare Architecture: a schizoanalysis
Ross Anderson - Raised on the Dark Grounds of Tradition: Albert Speer’s Atelierhaus at Berchtesgaden, 1938
Ross Anderson - Adolphe Appia and the Eurhythmic Promise of Hellerau
Michael Tawa - Consilient Discrepancy: Porosity and Atmosphere in Cinema and Architecture
Andrew Leach - Rome
Chris L. Smith - Amorphous Continua
Lee Stickells - Pop-up Justice? Reflecting on Relationships in the Temporary City
Andrew Leach - On Discomfort: Moments in a Modern History of Architectural Culture
Catherine Lassen - Murcutt’s Marie Short House
Simon Weir - On the origin of the architect: Architects and xenía in the ancient Greek theatre
Matthew Mindrup - Strange Tales of Architectural Evolution
Glen Hill - For Sister or State? Nationalism and the Indigenous and Bengali Women's Movements in Bangladesh
Chris L. Smith - The Libidinal Economy of Architecture: Skin, Membrane, and Other Surfaces of Desire
Kabita Chakma and Glen Hill - Politics of the Orphans of War: 72 Children’s Journey from the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh to the Suburbs of France
Sandra Karina Löschke - Materiality and Architecture
Dagmar Reinhardt - Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2016
Jennifer Ferng - Monstrosity and excess in Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s Visionary Architecture
Jennifer Ferng - Evidentiary Earthquakes: Design and Discontinuity through Seismic Methods
Jennifer Ferng - Criminality and Public Opinion: Architectural Reformation among Parisian Prisons, 1778-1799
Chris L. Smith - Laboratory Architecture and the Deep Skin of Science
Catherine Lassen - Making New: Heritage Conservation and Contemporary Expression
Andrew Leach - Off the Plan: The Urbanisation of the Gold Coast
Chris L. Smith - Photographs and Architectural Wounds: Teufelsberg
Cameron Logan - Open shut them: open classrooms in Australian schools, 1967-1983
Lee Stickells - Negotiating Off-Grid: Counterculture, Conflict and Autonomous Architecture in Australia’s Rainbow Region
Matthew Mindrup - Bruno Taut, The City Crown, trans by M. Mindrup and U. Altenmüller-Lewis
Matthew Mindrup - The Material Imagination: Reveries on Architecture and Matter
Sandra Karina Löschke - Participatory Aesthetics: Alexander Dorner’s Reorganization of the Provinzialmuseum Hannover (1923–1926)
Simon Weir - Xenia in Vitruvius’ Greek house: andron, ξείνία and xenia from Homer to Augustus
Jennifer Ferng - Earthly Revelations
Chris L. Smith - Hopeful: Biology, Architectural Design and Philosophy
Chris L. Smith - An Architecture Below Perception
Chris L. Smith - Unquiet darkness: Institutions, Information and Impressive Hauteur
Michael Tawa - Mortarium: a provisional lexicon for masonry
Duanfang Lu - The Work Unit and the Foxconn: A Comparative Perspective
Ross Anderson - All of Paris, Darkly: Le Corbusier’s Beistegui Apartment, 1929-1931
Ross Anderson - Making the Cathedral Immanent: German Architecture and the Question of Institutional Order
Cameron Logan - The National Trust and the Heritage of Sydney Harbour
Andrew Leach - GC30+ Documenting the Gold Coast Architecture Awards, 1984-2013
Andrew Leach - Mimarlık Tarihi Nedir?
Andrew Leach - The Baroque in Architectural Culture, 1880-1980
Glen Hill - Poetic Measures of Architecture: Martin Heidegger’s ‘Poetically Man Dwells…’
Lee Stickells - Designing Way Out: Shay Gap and the ‘living laboratory’ of the 1970s
Dagmar Reinhardt - TriVoc: Robotic Manufacturing for Affecting Sound Through Complex Curved Geometries
Matthew Mindrup - Translations of Material to Technology in Bauhaus Architecture
Chris L. Smith - Unquiet darkness: Institutions, Information and Impressive Hauteur
Chris L. Smith - Skateboarding with Roland Barthes: Architecture, Myth and Evidence
Chris L. Smith - Text, textiles and techne: On the Barthesian myth of the T-shirt
Michael Tawa - Vaporous circumambience: towards an architectonics of atmosphere
Catherine Lassen - Drawn translations: toward and beyond Buhrich’s building
Ross Anderson - Figures of Mediation: Late Gothic Chapel Vaults Between Primordial Stone and Medieval Theology
Catherine Lassen - Simpson-Lee House 1988-93
Catherine Lassen - Silver City Museum
Cameron Logan - Mrs. McCain's Parlor: House and Garden Tours and the Origins if the Inner City Restoration Trend in Washington, D.C, 1950-1970
Daniel James Ryan - Les Schémas D'ensoleillement
Daniel James Ryan - The Hygienic Holiday: The Country Women's Association and the Reform of the Queensland House
Rizal Muslimin - Decoding Passura’ – Representing the Indigenous Visual Messages Underlying Traditional Icons with Descriptive Grammar
Sandra Karina Löschke - Immaterial Materialities
Chris L. Smith - Architectures, Critical and Clinical
Chris L. Smith - Fit to Burst: Bodies, Organs and Complex Corporealities
Dagmar Reinhardt - GOLD (Monstrous Topographies)
Dagmar Reinhardt - SmartStructures Lab: eVolo Design Competition through Systems of Biomimicry
Duanfang Lu - The Transcultural Production of Space: Making ‘Little Shanghai’ in Sydney
Duanfang Lu - Freedom and Diverse: Cultural Heritage as Knowledge
Ross Anderson - A Room An Eye: Situated
Ross Anderson - Cadenced Horizons: Adolphe Appia’s Scenic Architecture
Chris L. Smith - Architecture in the Space of Flows
Ross Anderson - The Talismanic Presence of Architecture and Ornament in Heidegger’s Hütte
Simon Weir - Paranoiac Critical Interiorisations: Odysseus in Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building and Buckminster Fuller’s domes
Dagmar Reinhardt - Youtopia. A Passion for the Dark – Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance
Michael Tawa - Being (in the midst of) two
Duanfang Lu - Entangled Modernities in Architecture
Simon Weir - Delirious Catalysis
Rizal Muslimin - Recursive Embedding of Gestalt Laws and Shape Grammar in the Weaving Design Process
Glen Hill - The Aesthetics of Architectural Consumption
Cameron Logan - Preserving Health
Chris L. Smith - Architecture, Cigarettes and the Dispositif
Theorising the Project: A Thematic Approach to Architectural Design
Duanfang Lu - Remaking Chinese Urban Form: Modernity, Scarcity and Space, 1949–2005
Duanfang Lu - Third World Modernism: Architecture, Development and Identity
Rizal Muslimin - ONE-PiECE WEAViNG: Reconfiguring folding and knotting algorithm in computational design
Ross Anderson - The medieval Masons’ Lodge as Paradigm for Peter Behrens’s Dombauhütte in Munich, 1922
Michael Tawa - Agencies of the Frame: Tectonic Strategies in Cinema and Architecture