Simon Weir - Salvador Dali's Interiors with Heraclitus's Concealment. In Gregory Marinic
Arianna Brambilla - Comfort analysis applied to the international standard "Active House": The case of RhOME, the winning prototype of Solar Decathlon 2014
Mathew Aitchison - Thermal characterization of building assemblies by means of transient data assimilation
Mathew Aitchison - The Impact of Different Insulation Options on the Life Cycle Energy Demands of a Hypothetical Residential Building
Mathew Aitchison - A house is not a car (Yet)
David Kroll - Mobilising Housing Histories: Learning from London's Past for a Sustainable Future
David Kroll - Architect-Surveyors as Designers of Speculative Housing: The Case of Norfolk & Prior 1901-1923
Arianna Brambilla - "Our inherent desire for control": a case study of automation's impact on the perception of comfort
Simon Weir - On the origin of the architect: Architects and xenía in the ancient Greek theatre
Michael Tawa - Consilient Discrepancy: Porosity and Atmosphere in Cinema and Architecture
Dagmar Reinhardt - Coral|Colony - from Singularities of Mathematical Code to Relational Networks
Catherine Lassen - Murcutt’s Marie Short House
Dagmar Reinhardt - Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2016
Catherine Lassen - Making New: Heritage Conservation and Contemporary Expression
Mathew Aitchison- Pevsner’s Kunstgeographie: From Liepzig’s Baroque to the Englishness of Modern English Architecture
Simon Weir - Xenia in Vitruvius’ Greek house: andron, ξείνία and xenia from Homer to Augustus
Michael Tawa - Mortarium: a provisional lexicon for masonry
Mathew Aitchison - The Architecture of Industry: Changing Paradigms in Industrial Building and Planning
Mathew Aitchison - Back to the Future: FIFO, Mining and Urbanisation in Australia.
Glen Hill - Poetic Measures of Architecture: Martin Heidegger’s ‘Poetically Man Dwells…’
Dagmar Reinhardt - TriVoc: Robotic Manufacturing for Affecting Sound Through Complex Curved Geometries
Michael Tawa - Vaporous circumambience: towards an architectonics of atmosphere
Catherine Lassen - Drawn translations: toward and beyond Buhrich’s building
Catherine Lassen - Simpson-Lee House 1988-93
Catherine Lassen - Silver City Museum
Daniel James Ryan - Les Schémas D'ensoleillement
Daniel James Ryan - The Hygienic Holiday: The Country Women's Association and the Reform of the Queensland House
Rizal Muslimin - Decoding Passura’ – Representing the Indigenous Visual Messages Underlying Traditional Icons with Descriptive Grammar
Dagmar Reinhardt - GOLD (Monstrous Topographies)
Dagmar Reinhardt - SmartStructures Lab: eVolo Design Competition through Systems of Biomimicry
Simon Weir - Paranoiac Critical Interiorisations: Odysseus in Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building and Buckminster Fuller’s domes
Dagmar Reinhardt - Youtopia. A Passion for the Dark – Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance
Michael Tawa - Being (in the midst of) two
Dagmar Reinhardt - House Jones
Simon Weir - Delirious Catalysis
Rizal Muslimin - Recursive Embedding of Gestalt Laws and Shape Grammar in the Weaving Design Process
Glen Hill - The Aesthetics of Architectural Consumption
Michael Tawa - Agencies of the Frame: Tectonic Strategies in Cinema and Architecture
Theorising the Project: A Thematic Approach to Architectural Design
Rizal Muslimin - ONE-PiECE WEAViNG: Reconfiguring folding and knotting algorithm in computational design
Mathew Aitchison - Visual Planning and the Picturesque