Research Students

Students' Research Topics

This page contains an index of the research students undertaking Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) under the supervision of our academic staff. Students are listed alphabetically by surname, along with their project titles and supervisors.

Architectural History

Name Project
Saeed Alburgawi A Sacred City: Makkah'S Urban Morphology
Graham Bell Changing Roles And Responsibilities: The Architectural Response To Economic Reform Within Australia.
Amer Ben-Ali Impact Of Globalization On The Build Environment
Sarah Breen Lovett Expanded Architecture: The Intersection Of Architecture And Expanded Cinema.
Peter Chivers Architecture: Place And Alterity
Katherine Haris The Garden Of Earthly Delights
Haris Dzonlagic Derrida And Architectural Philosophy/Theory
Allison Earl A Critical Survey Of The Language Of Sustainability In Architecture
Scott Hill A Suitable Residence: The Design Of Camden Park 1805 - 1834
Mazdak Irani Twentieth Century Modernity And The 'Transformation Of Housing In Tehran'
Victoria Jackson Wyatt Architectures Of Difference
Seyedmahdi Khatami Modesty In The Islamic City: An Investigation Of The Islamic Concept Of Modesty And Its Implication For Urban Form.
Kathryn King The Nonorganic Life Of Sculpture
Maren Koehler Architectural Media: The Lobby As A Technology Of Mediation And Governance
Pamela Lofthouse Speculators And Spinsters: The History And Heritage Of Semi-Detached Dwellings In New South Wales 1788 - 1980
Sarah Mcwilliam Practice Strategy: Business Strategy And Resilience In Architectural Practice
Sanja Mladenovic The Notion Of Becoming Child: A Deluzian Minor Becoming In Tarkovsky'S Cinematic Practice
Hugo Moline Architecture As Collective Device: Situated Projects Of Collaborative City-Making
Mahroo Moosavi The Spatial, Temporal And Material Symbolism Applied To The Architecture Of Public Buildings And Spaces During Safavid Period In Isfahan, Which Is Rooted In And Inspired By Persian Sufism Philosophy And Poetry
Jun Ong Building The Garden City: The 'Clean And Green' Movement In Singapore, 1965-2010.
Tommaso Piccioli The Relationship And Influences Of The Sydney School Movement Of The 1960'S And 70'S Towards The Birth Of A Sustainable Attitude And Mentality Among The Australian Architects Of These Recent Years
Daniel Ryan The Genealogy Of The Bioclimactic House In Queensland During The Interwar Period
Sam Samarghandi Forgotten Strands
Samuel Small The Pop Beat Of Postmodern And Contemporary Architecture
Serena Zhang Cross-Disciplinary Practice In The Architecture Profession Since 2000


Name Project
Melika Aljukic Robotic fabrication in architecture
Robyn Christie Contemporary Design in Historic Urban Areas
Rachel Couper The Architectural Nature of the Zoo
Eduardo De Oliveira Barata Documenting Generative Architecture: A Practice Based Method For Describing A Generative Architectural Approach Using Design Patterns
Kate Dunn The Garden Of Earthly Delights
Benedict Slee Demountable Classrooms In Nsw And Environmental Performance
Douglas Brown Bushfire Risk Perception: A Study Of The Percieved Vulnerability Of Domestic Architecture In Bushfire Prone Areas

Architectural Science

Name Project
Judith Ainge Iron Buildings
Mansour Alulayet The Role Of The Building Envelope To Achieve High Performance Office Building In Saudi Arabia Through Energy Efficiency
Robert Barnstone Designs For Integrated Thermo Chromic/Photovoltaic Building Envelope And Roof Systems
Toktam Bashirzadeh Tabrizi The Role Of Buildings’ Skin In Green Star Revolution Progress
Mark Bassett Testing The Relative Influence Of Two Training Methods On Reporting Difference In Tone Colouration.
Daniel Castro Cirac Determination Of Simultaneous In-Situ Absorption Coefficients Of A Room By Means Of Inverse Boundary Element Method
Rui Chen Using Tangible Augmented Reality To Support Urban Design Learning
Dorukalp Durmus New System For Specifying White Light Sources
Bettina Easton The Spatial Distribution Of Light In Architectural Spaces
Wenye Hu Effects Of Resolution Of Interactive Lighting Control Systems
Malith Lunuwila Control Algorithams For Mix Mode Ventilation
Ella Manor Simulating Virtual Acoustic Environment Using Telepresence Supporting Telerobotics
Luis Miranda Jofre The Spatial Complexity Of Auditory Scenes
Ashakali Nathwani Hvac Energy Efficiency & Life Cycle Costs Vs Indoor Comfort Evaluations
Thomas Parkinson Comfort In Semi-Outdoor Environments: The Role Of Alliesthesia In Transient Conditions
Andrew Roussac Saving Energy In Australian Commercial Office Buildings
Mahsan Sadeghi Renewable Energy Usage For Natural Ventilation In Sustainable Built Environment
Trevor Seymour-Jones An Assessment Of Emerging International Best Practice In The Integrated Management Of Public Sector Property Assets And Its Application To The Australian Public Sector
David Spargo Role Of Diffusion In Listening Rooms
Manuj Yadav Auditory Room Size Perception
Fan Zhang Thermal Comfort And Task Performance Under Peak Demand Air-Conditioning Management Strategies

Design Lab

Name Project
Phillip Gough Visualising Science for Non-Expert Users Through Affective, Interactive Digital Art
Luke Hespanhol Designing Interactive Environments and Ubiquitous Engagement by Augmenting Public Spaces with Electronic Installations
Zaheer Ahmad Computational Creativity And Evolvability In Designing
Mohammad Ashraf Khan 'wePlan'-Spacial Design Communication for End-Users: An Alternative Model Based on the Application of Geo-located Augmented Reality and Reference
James Berry Grown To Adapt: A Studio Driven Investigation Into Ergonomic Adaptive Forms And Connectedness For The Design Of Physical Products.
Jingwen Cao Understanding The Cultural Factors In Public Interactive Display Design
Nikash Singh Investigating User-Interface Solutions to
Personal Information Management in Email
Anhong Zhang The Evolution of Languages for Design in Artificial Creative Systems
Eliel De La Cruz Laureano Technology Integration In The Architectural Design Process: Defining The Variables Of Adoption Of New And Existing Technology.
Francis Feltham Walking Is No Ordinary Act: Designing Interactive Surfaces For Kinaesthetic Awareness
Shayani Fernando Fabricating Sequential Spaces
Joel Fredericks Revitalising Community Engagement Through The Use Of Ubiquitous Computing Technologies
Xavier Ho Mapping The Idea Transmeditation: Inspiration Visualisation In Game Design
Steffan Ianigro Empowering End Users With The Ability To Discover Complex Behaviours In Generative Computer Systems For Musical Performance
Youngdong Kim Narcissus Brainwave
Claudia Nunez Pacheco Body-Centred Wearable Technology As Agent Of Self-Awareness And Discovery
Callum Parker Designing For Personalised Interactive Experiences At Digital Public Displays Through Mobile Augmented Reality
Miruna Sladescu Media As Matter
Sachinkumar Wasnik Emergence, Maintenance, And Dissolution Of Modularity In Time-Variant Evolving Networks: Applications For Spatio-Temporal Data Mining For Big Urban Data

Urban and Regional Planning

Name Project
Sarah Hill How Can We Better Protect Employment lands When Residential is the Higher and Better Use?
Fawaz Alasmari An Institutional Analysis Of State Capacity In The Saudi Arabian Housing System: A Case Study Of Riyadh
Michael Blight The Benefits Of Improved Housing
Sally Lewis Reconciling Planning, Development and Housing Outcomes in Australia
Martin Nichols Infrastructure Costs Associated with Differing Australian City Forms
Ninik Suhartini The Relevance of Spatial Plans and Policies on Urban Disadvantaged in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Jayapura, Indonesia
Tingting Cui The Governmental Role Transition And Power Redistribution In The Process Of Planning Reform - Taking Nsw Planning Reform As An Example
Edna Grigoriou To What Extent Have Successful Cities Overcome Social Inequality.
Michael Harris Logic Of The Compact City: Historic Trajectories And Future Directions - Case Studies On Copenhagen And Sydney
Beth Laurenson Strategic Metropolitan Planning For Australian Cities: Challenges For Conception And Implementation In Sydney, Melbourne And Brisbane
Sha Liu Analysing The Impact Of China'S Recent Domestic Housing Policies On Global Real Estate Market
Scott Pelletier Deconstructing The City: Challenging The Way We Manage And Govern The City
Jeeva Jeeva How Satisfied Are Residents In Medium-Density Apartment Housing In Sydney? - A Case Study Of Fairfield
Lance Syme Redefining The Concept Of Cultural Landscapes
Yuan Wei Research On The "Village In The City" And Implications For Landscape Planning And Urban Agriculture:A Case Study Of Yunnan Province, China