How to apply for a research degree (MPhil or PhD).

The first step to applying for entry to a PhD is to discover a potential academic supervisor within the University and present a research proposal.

Each year, the University of Sydney receives hundreds of requests for supervision under our world renowned Academics. Finding the right supervisor who can guide and advise you throughout your whole research degree is an important step, and we strive to match the best possible students to their most suited mentor - to ensure the experience is rewarding and successful to both parties.

Potential academic supervisors can be found using the Research Supervisor Connect tool, where our current research opportunities are listed.

You can search the database using the name of a supervisor or key words that describe your research focus. (Please note that some opportunities may be currently full at this time, but may become available in future semesters).

Once you have found identified a potential supervisor who has opportunities available in your particular area of interest, you will need to submit an initial proposal or a more detailed statement of research interest and CV via Research Supervisor Connect.

Your proposal, together with details of your academic and professional experience, will assist us in determining your suitability to move forward to the formal application process. Your documentation will be forwarded to your chosen supervisor for consideration.

If accepted by your chosen supervisor:

If your initial proposal is successful, you will be notified via direct email. This email confirmation should be included in your formal application for a place.

If you are not successful or an opportunity is not currently available, we urge you to search further afield in the University using search words that may link you to another potential supervisor.

For any assistance with the application process, please contact Student Administration Research Support Officer .

Proceeding with a formal application

1. Develop Statement of Research Interest

Once you have secured a supervisor, a detailed statement of research interest should be developed. The goal of this statement is to determine whether your research interests are aligned with the research interests of the Faculty.

The statement of research interest should be 1500-2000 words (preferably in conjunction with an academic staff member), and should include your proposed topic area, some indication of what research has already been done in that area, what specific research questions you might propose to pursue, and a brief idea of how you might propose to research them. If admitted, you will work with your supervisor, an associate supervisor and other members of staff to develop a full research proposal during your first year of candidature.

2. Apply Online

Master of Philosophy (Architecture)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Local Students Closing Dates:

31 May: for entry into second semester the same calendar year
30 November: for entry into first semester for the following calendar year

Local Student Scholarships Information

Faculty Scholarship Information
Local Scholarship Information

International Student Closing Dates:

30 April: for entry into second semester the same calendar year
31 October: for entry into first semester for the following calendar year
Refer to closing date on application form for more information

International Student Scholarships Information

The University of Sydney has many scholarships available for international students. There are also scholarships that are funded by the government and various industries. Because of the variety of scholarships on offer, the eligibility criteria for each of them are different. Please read through the conditions of the scholarships thoroughly before applying.

Categories of scholarships available for international students are listed Here

Check the information about scholarships on Now Open regularly as many of these are open to international students. There are also Literary Prizes that may be available for application.

It may also be worthwhile researching scholarship opportunities in your own countries. There may be industries or government schemes that may be useful for your study at the University of Sydney.

There is no limit to the number of scholarships that you can apply for. We encourage you to put in an application for all scholarships that you may be eligible for!

For further information on international scholarships, you may also find it helpful to look at the information provided by the University's International Scholarships Development Office. Its website groups the scholarships by geographic region, so you can easily search for the ones that will be relevant to you, based on your country of origin.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL STUDENTS: Closing dates for admission applications and scholarship applications are different. Some scholarships (Eg. IPRS, APA) have earlier deadlines than the Faculty’s admissions deadlines noted above. If you are applying for scholarships that have earlier deadlines than the Faculty’s admissions deadlines, please submit both your admission and scholarship applications at the same time. If you fail to do so, this may effect your eligibility for the scholarship(s) you are applying for.

3. Academic Referees

Local applicants need to submit two Academic Referee Forms with their application, for International students, these are included in the main research application form.

4. Supplementary Material

Applications can be supplemented with examples of relevant prior papers or other evidence of research ability.

5. Official Transcripts

An official transcript of your tertiary studies is required if you are a graduate of another institution.

6. Proof of Citizenship

Proof of citizenship of Australia or New Zealand or permanent residence in Australia is required for local applicants. These documents need to be certified.

7. English Requirements

For applicants whose qualifications are not from an English language University, please see postgraduate English requirements.