Urban and regional planning research has been established in the School since the late 1940s, covering a wide range of subject areas, including international studies with a focus on South-East Asia and the Pacific; metropolitan planning; housing studies; regional policy and many other fields of policy and development. A recently established urban design program provides additional opportunities to conduct research into the design dimensions of urban form. Besides providing individual study areas for research, the School is home to an extensive library collection and the Planning Research Centre, which is an independent university foundation.


Is Australia barking mad to restrict dogs from riding on public transport?

University of Sydney research of Sydney dog owners has found that an overwhelming 95% of people are in favour of dogs riding on public transport, with more than half indicating they would do more activities with their hound if they were allowed.

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Dorothy Rhodes Taylor Award for Best paper

Congratulations to Dallas Rogers, Alexandra Wong, Jaqueline Nelson whose paper Public Perceptions of Foreign and Chinese Real Estate Investment has been awarded Best Paper in the Australian Geographer Awards 2017.

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Tooran Alizadeh provides her answer to "What's wrong with the #NBN?" in The Conversation

Turnbull’s government must accept responsibility for delivering an equitable NBN for all Australians.

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Google wants to run your city

Jathan Sadowski discusses smart city governance in The Guardian.

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‘Alarming’: Sydney households need to earn $190,000 a year to avoid mortgage stress

Households in four of Australia’s capital cities need six-figure incomes to afford a median-priced house without feeling the pinch, a new analysis shows. Dallas Rogers is featured in this Domain article.

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Facebook to build housing complex for employees

Dr Dallas Rogers was interviewed by ABC Radio National Drive about Facebook building a housing complex for employees and the role of the tech industry building cities.

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Australia slaps tax on 'ghost homes'

Dr Dallas Rogers was interviewed by The Strait Times in Singapore about Australia's tax on ‘ghost homes’ on his survey of Sydneysiders views about foreign investment.

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Dear ghost home owner: prepare to be hit with more tax

Dr Dallas Rogers was interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald about ghost home owners to be hit with more tax on the survey of Sydneysiders’ views about foreign investment.

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Why do big hacks happen? Blame Big Data

The Equifax hack, which exposed 143 million people, is a reminder that data companies have too much power, Jathan Sadowski writes in the Guardian.

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The NBN rollout has failed. Here's how we fix it

Our major telecommunications infrastructure project, the National Broadband Network, is widely considered to be failing, but it is not failing all equally. Tooran Alizadeh talks about the NBN on ABC news.

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A necessity or an indulgence? Sydney's love affair with car travel

Dr Jennifer Kent from the Urban and Regional Planning program wants people to give up their cars, for the sake of the environment and their health. In fact, about 70 per cent of trips to and from work in Australia's biggest city are made with a private car.

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The Festival of Urbanism iv and City Road Podcast Launch: 31 July 2017

The Festival of Urbanism iv and City Road Podcast Launch

When: Mon 31 July, 6.30-8pm.
Refreshments served from 6pm.

Where: SYDNEY NANOSCIENCE HUB Lecture theatre 4002 (Messel), Physics Road, The University of Sydney. This is a FREE event, however please register as places are limited.

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How do we navigate the post-truth landscape?
Join SMH columnist Elizabeth Farrelly and Professor Peter Phibbs, the University of Sydney, as they fact check current urban planning debates and launch The Festival of Urbanism iv.

Official launch address from Richard Miles, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education - Enterprise and Engagement), University of Sydney.

We invite you to nominate documents for fact checking submissions close Monday 17 July.

The NBN: how a national infrastructure dream fell short

The secrecy around the NBN project likely to cost upwards of $50 billion.
Telecommunications infrastructure is the backbone of the fast-growing digital economy and raises important questions about the early NBN rollout and pork barrel politics in Australia, writes Dr Tooran Alizadeh.

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Australians' deep-seated fear of foreign investment in housing remains

A study of almost 900 Sydneysiders about their perception of foreign investors in the real estate market finds a deep-seated fear that Australian property is being bought and house prices driven by foreign and, particularly, Chinese investment, writes Dr Dallas Rogers.

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Policy sentiment rather than substance for housing affordability

The Federal Treasurer clearly understands the housing affordability pressures facing moderate and low income renters and Australia’s growing homeless. His budget speech set the scene for a package of measures to boost affordable housing supply and recalibrate demand settings. A record number of new and recycled measures recognise the spectrum of crisis housing to home ownership, but there’s little in the way of substantive policy change, says University of Sydney's Professor Nicole Gurran and Professor Peter Phibbs.

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Australian governments are treading lightly around Airbnb

Professor Gurran talks about online home sharing. Talk presented by Professor Nicole Gurran at the University of Sydney in April 2017 about her research into online home sharing in Australia.

Australia, and particularly Sydney, is gripped by a housing affordability crisis. So the NSW government's omission of any concrete commitment to monitor the conversion of permanent rental housing to holiday accommodation, like Airbnb and Stayz, is concerning.

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Australia’s almost a world leader in home building, so that isn’t a fix for affordability

Scott Morrison has recently broadened the range of affordable housing policy options he’s considering, and moving beyond simplistic supply-side solutions would be a positive development.

Professors Nicole Gurran and Peter Phibbs in The Conversation

The mysterious disappearance of health from New South Wales planning laws

The goal of healthy built environments has been missing from the NSW planning agenda for too long.

Dr Jennifer Kent in The Conversation

The 'Ubers' of digital real estate have housing researchers wary

The globalisation of residential real estate through new digital platforms will be raised in a keynote address by the University of Sydney’s Dr Dallas Rogers at the 2017 Australasian Housing Researchers conference at RMIT University in Melbourne on Thursday, 16 February.

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Why housing supply shouldn’t be the only policy tool politicians cling to

There has been a continuous wave of planning reform over the last ten years in Australia, and dwelling approvals in some cities are at long-term highs. Professors Peter Phibbs and Nicole Gurran in The Conversation.

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The community impact of Airbnb calls for closer scrutiny

There needs to be closer scrutiny of the impact of online short-term home rentals following concerns over platforms such as Airbnb, new University of Sydney research finds.

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Peter Phibbs and Nicole Gurran in the Australian Financial Review

Research from the Urban Housing Lab features in the Australian Financial Review discussing the impact of the use of Airbnb in Sydney.

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Sydney needs higher affordable housing targets

The problem with the current rezoning approach is that it leads to huge windfall profits and developments aimed at the upper end of the market.

Peter Phibbs in The Conversation

Bigger cities are richer, breeding greater inequality

New University of Sydney research confirms as Australian cities get bigger they also get richer as a disproportionate amount of the wealth goes to top income earners, which is breeding greater inequality within and between cities.

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Paul Jones launches new book at Habitat III

Associate Professor Paul Jones launched his new book 'The Emergence of Pacific Urban Villages - Urbanization trends in the Pacific Islands' at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, last week. Published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) the book explains the phenomenon of increasing housing informality in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Affordable urban housing

Urban planners Nicole Gurran and Rebecca Chiu are collaborating on research that investigates and compares the extraordinary housing pressures in Sydney and Hong Kong.

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Open letter to the NSW Premier on Sydney's housing affordability

NSW Federation of Housing Associations Inc urges the government to think beyond increasing housing supply.
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