Dr Claudia Perren


Claudia Perren
Lecturer in Architecture
Room 325, G04 'Wilkinson Building', 148 City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
+61 2 9351 7149


Consultations and appointments

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Units & Programs Taught

  • BDES1010
  • BDES1020
  • BDES2020
  • BDES3020
  • ARCH9058
  • DESA3553

Research Areas

Conceptual Art and Architecture
Moving Architecture

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD | Doctoral thesis in architectural theory on the artist Dan Graham and the architect Peter Eisenman at the University in Kassel, Germany (supervisor: Prof. Hans Frei and Prof. Philip Ursprung)
  • Masters in Architecture | Postgraduate studies of history and theory of architecture at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland (with Prof. Kurt W. Forster)
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture | Undergraduate and postgraduate studies of architecture at the Technical University Cottbus, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Germany, and Cooper Union New York, USA (with Peter Wilson and Raimund Abraham)

Professional Experience

  • 2011 | Lecturer, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney.

Memberships and Associations

  • 2012 | Representative of the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning in the First Year Experience Working Group, University of Sydney.
  • 2012 | Member of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ)
  • 2012 | Member of ETH Alumni, Switzerland
  • 2010 | Review of Manuscripts for Architectural Theory Review.
  • 2010 | Mentor of scholars at Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Germany
  • 2009 | Examiner, PhD, University of Sydney.


Dr Claudia Perren is a curator, architect and lecturer in Architecture at the University of Sydney. Her research areas focus on Conceptual Art and Architecture, Modernism, and Moving Architecture. She is interested in hybrids, in questioning architecture through other disciplines, and challenging the traditionally fixed relationship between form and matter for the benefit of an integration of time, variation and development of form into architecture. Her writings have been published in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland.

Publications and Outputs

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2011 | Claudia Perren, Grace Mortlock (Ed.), aMaze, catalogue, USYD, Sydney.

2011 | Claudia Perren, Miriam Mlecek, catalogue accompanying the exhibition Urban AU:Street/Art/Architecture, GAD, Canbbera.

2007 | Claudia Perren, Kristien Ring, Wohnraum Moderne_Australische Architektur / Living the Modern_Australian Architecture, Catalogue, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern.

2008 | Claudia Perren, Dan Graham/Peter Eisenman - Positionen zum Konzept, Kup, Kassel.

Book Chapters

2012 | Claudia Perren, Alltag und Allkunst, in: ‘Gleisdreieck’, Jovis, Berlin.

2011 | Claudia Perren, Grace Mortlock, The Production of aMaze, in: ‚aMaze’, USYD, Sydney.

2011 | Claudia Perren, Miriam Mlecek, The Intention, in: ‚URBAN AU: Street/Art/Architecture’, GAD, Canberra.

2008 | Claudia Perren, Lawica, in: ‘Living the Modern. Modernizm we wspolczesnej architekturze Australii, Muzeum Architektury, Wroclawiu.

2008 | Claudia Perren, Massstabslos/Scaleless, in: ‚Raum-Zeit-Geschichten. Triptychen_2’, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.

2007 | Claudia Perren, 'A Swarm of Fish', in Living the Modern_Australian Architecture, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern.

2007 | Claudia Perren, 'Contemporary Modernism', Living the Modern_Australian Architecture, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern.

Conference Presentations and Publications

2012 | Claudia Perren, Re_Urban. Bottom Up Strategies, Spaces and Flows conference, 2012, Detroit, USA

2012 | Claudia Perren, Sensing Active Space, AAANZ conference ‘together < >apart’, Sydney, Australia

2011 | Claudia Perren, Urban AU. Street/Art/Architecture, UIA 2011 conference ‚Semiotics, Semantics and Interpretation’, Tokyo, Japan

2011 | Claudia Perren, 'Urban AU Visions', Seam Conference, 'Spacing Movements Outside In', Sydney, Australia.

2011 | Claudia Perren, 'Urban AU. Street/Art/Architecture', UIA Conference 2011, Tokyo, Japan.

2009 | Claudi Perren, 'Dancing Facades', SEAM 2009 conference 'Spatial Phrases (Dance/Film/Architecture), Sydney, Australia.

Exhibitions and Public Events

2011 | Curator of the Exhibition ‘aMaze’, Wilkinson Building and Tin Sheds Gallery,
University of Sydney

2011 | Curator of the Exhibition Urban AU: Street/Art/Architecture for the Gallery of Australian Design (GAD), Canberra, Australia. (Exhibition dates: 3 August to 3 September 2011).

2011 | Documentation (movie) of the making of the exhibition Urban AU: Street/Art/Architecture in the Image Room of the SEAM Conference 'Spacing Movements Outside In (17 Sept. to 18 September) 2011.

2010 | Organisation of the Symposium ‘Hotspots: Culture, Climate and Architecture in Berlin and Melbourne’ together with RMIT Gallery and ABC Radio National for the Berlin Dayz program of the Goethe Institute, Australia

2009 | Organisation of three Symposia accompanying the exhibition ‘Haus und Stadt. New Architecture from Berlin’ at the Goethe Institute in Sydney and Melbourne, and the Gallery of Australian Design (GAD) in Canberra

2006 | Curator of the exhibition 'Living the Modern_Australian Architecture shown at the German Centre for Architecture DAZ Berlin, Germany (2007) and the Museum for Architecture in Poland, Estonia and Finland (2008).

2004 | Editor of the exhibition guide 'Schrumpfende Staedte/Shrinking Cities' in the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany

Public Lectures and Presentations

2011| Wandeln und Wagen, TU Berlin, Germany

2011 | Think ahead at the Symposium ‘From Bauhaus to Our House’, Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), in cooperation with Goethe Institute Australia and Powerhouse Museum, as part of the Berlin Sydney Program and Sydney Design 2011.

2011| Theoretical Explorations of time based Events in Architecture, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

2010 | Berlingrey at the Symposium ‘Hotspots: Culture, Climate and Architecture in Berlin and Melbourne’, RMIT Theater, Melbourne, Australia

2010 | New Architecture from Berlin, Keynote, Goethe Institute, Melbourne

2009 | Stadt und Haus. City and Building, Keynote, Gallery of Australian Design, Canberra

2009 | City and Building. Berlin Architecture in the 21st Century, Keynote, Goethe Institute, Sydney

2008 | Living the Modern_Australian Architecture, Keynote, Australian Institute of Architects, Sydney

2008 | Living the Modern, Pecha Kucha, Sydney

2005 | Dan Graham / Peter Eisenman - Positions on the Concept, University Kassel, Germany

2003 | Between transparency and reflection: Dan Graham, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2003 | Embodying concepts. On the transformation of concepts in art and architecture, KHB Weissensee, Germany

2003 | Philosophy and architecture. Reflection and stubbornness. The visible and the in­visible in the works of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Dan Graham, University Kassel, Germany

Articles and Commentary

2011 | Claudia Perren, 'Wirrwarr', Architectural Review Australia

2011 | Claudia Perren, 'Home - Real and Ideal', Architecture Australia.

2007 | Claudia Perren and Kristien Ring, 'Living the Modern_Australian Architecture: Minimal, Sculptural, Frame, Interaction, Lanscape, East/West/', FuturArc.

2006 | Claudia Perren, 'Das System Eisenman', Arclos.

2005 | Claudia Gliemann, 'Endrogramme', Futuro.