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Dagmar Reinhardt
Lecturer in Architectural Design and Digital Architecture
Room 466, G04 'Wilkinson Building', 148 City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
+61 2 9351 8569

Dagmar Reinhardt

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Research areas

  • The emerging potential and challenges of digital architecture.
  • The interdisciplinary exchange between academic environment, cultural productions, industrial expertise and architectural entrepreneurship.

Units and Programs

  • MARC6102 | 3D Computer Design Modelling
  • MARC4003 | Digital Architecture Research Studio (Master)
  • BDES1012 |Architectural Communications (First Year Bachelor)
  • BDES2012 | Architectural Communications 2
  • BDES3012 | Architectural Communications 3

Academic Qualifications

  • Phd] | University of Sydney, Australia.
  • Master of Architectural (Concept) Design | Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Stätdelschule, Frankfurt.
  • Diploma | Architectural Studies (Technical), University of Hanover.

Professional Experience

  • 2008 | Studio Elective at Faculty of Architecture, University of applied sciences, Frankfurt Main.
  • 2004 | Founded architecture office reinhardt_jung with Alexander Jung.
  • 2004 | Founded twentytwentysix with Olivia Hyde, Sydney.
  • 2004 | Founded frankfurterraum with Alexander Jung and Florian Neumann
  • 2003 | Visiting Professor to University of Sydney, Masters of Architecture.
  • 1995 | Worked in collaboration with several architectural offices, including Deutsch Architekten, dgj-drexlerguinandjauslin, Schneider+Shumacher, Frankfurt/Main, Plus+ Bauplanung GmbH, Stuttgart.

Memberships and Associations

  • Member | Architects Chamber Frankfurt, Hessen. (since 2002).
  • External Examiner | Macintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow; TU Darmstadt; University of Applied Science, Frankfurt; Bartlett School of Architecture, London;, SCIARC, Los Angeles; Universität Inssbruck, University of Architecture Gran Canaria; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT); University of Melbourne; University of Technology, Sydney; University of New South Wales, Sydney.


Dagmar Reinhardt recently joined the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning as a lecturer of Architectural Design and Digital Architecture. Reinhardt is an academic with a practice – reinhardt_jung, operating in Frankfurt and Sydney. Reinhardt’s research considers the emerging potential of digital architecture as an exciting challenge, specifically in the interdisciplinary exchange between academic environment, cultural productions, industrial expertise and architectural entrepeneurship.

Reinhardt completed her PhD in 2010, at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture, holding two full scholarships, IPA and EIPRS. ‘Departures from the Blueprint: - Strategies for Latent Formations Derived from Fashion Techniques for an Appropriation in Architectural Theory and Design’ aimed to contribute to a contemporary architectural design discourse by looking at the potential of a materiality of duration to foster an architectural capability that can generate ‘latent formations’ in the design process and sustain performative relations once the design has been materialised.

Reinhardt’s research engages the technological and affective potentials of performative design in architecture. Performance is addressed here as the organisational, structural, material expression of an ‘unfigured’, non-final form undergoing change in operation that stimulates sensation and experience. The research approaches the intersection of digital and analog models in latent architectural environments that enable interaction, performance and response; an investigation on “form processes” through the use of physical models and digital transfers with structural perspective on architectural design to fabrication and construction.

This research interest is currently implemented in the collaboration between the University of Sydney and the Sydney Festival in the design of a temporary travelling pavilion to be constructed in 2012. A research team of leading professionals from the areas of generative design, cultural production, interactive media, and engineering will guide students of the Master of Digital Architecture through an internal competition design stage of the pavilion, and later channel design variations into construction and fabrication for the 2012 festival performances.

While the Sydney Festival project addresses both research and practice-based agendas of digital architecture, Reinhardt’s further research interests in supervising include the following four research streams within the digital:

digital theories - the theory of digital architectural design and digital technologies deployed from 1990 onwards (including emergence, body theories, contemporary design). digital design - the deployment of design techniques and models of buildings and built environments, development of communication and design methodologies that enable latent environments and architectural bodies. digital practice – the way that digital technologies and fabrication techniques can be simulated, and embedded into practice (in transfers to digital engineering: calculating forces and material requirements, construction methods, constructive and structural exchanges, as much as transfer to digital fabrication: rapid prototypes, possibilities of modularisation by laser cutting and construction, material realizations). digital spacing – the way digital technologies inform the potential of space (development of interactive and responsive spaces, soundspaces, 1: 1 prototypes and installations, situated inbetween consumer product and customized environment).

Publications and Outputs

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2012 | Reinhardt, D I E , Youtopia. A Passion for the the Dark: Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance, Freerange Press, Melbourne, Australia.

2003 | Reinhardt, D., Wigley, M. (eds.), 'Art and Airports - Stadelschule Works on Architecture'. Staatliche Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste.

Book Chapters

2012 | Reinhardt, D I E, Shifts in Code Performative Geometries in Alice's Wonderland, Youtopia. A Passion for the Dark: Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance, Freerange Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1, 63-73

2012 | Partridge, H, Reinhardt, D I E 2012, Towards a Unified Approach | Design and Analysis between Architects and Structural Engineers, Youtopia. A Passion for the the Dark: Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance, Freerange Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1, 147-156

2011 | Reinhardt, D I E 2011, Perspektivwechsel (Young at Downunder), [YOUNG HOUSE]magazin PERIPHERIE, Nicolai Verlag, Germany, 1, 95-101

2006 | Reinhardt, D., 'ToC The Fat, The Old and the Beautiful', Cuttings Urban Islands Publication No. 1, Joanne Jakovich (ed.), Sydney, University of Sydney Press

2004 | Jung, A., Neumam, F and Reinhardt, D., 'Galeria Undercover (Kaufhaut)', Luminale 2004 publication catalogue,

2003 | Jung, A., and Reinhardt, D., 'Hören', Flüchtige Verfestigung, Frankfurt Main, Hessischer Rundfrun, (Book Essay + Design Work).

Journal Articles

2012 | Reinhardt, D I E 2012, Strategies of Interaction: The Organizational Geometries of Alices Wonderland, Colloquy: Text Theory Critique

2011 | Reinhardt, D I E 2011, Folds of time, Studies in Material Thinking, 5(December 2011), 1-10

2009 | Reinhardt, D I E, Jakovich, J E 2009, Trivet Fields: The Materiality of Interaction in Architectural Space, Leonardo: Art Science and Technology, 42(3), 216-224

2008 | Reinhardt, D I E 2008, Representation as Research: Design Model And Media Rotation, The Journal of Architecture, 13(2), 185-201

2007 | Reinhardt, D I E 2007, Elastic Space: Latent Formations in Fashion and Architecture, Architectural Theory Review, 12(2), 181-194

2005 | Reinhardt, D I E 2005, Surface Strategies And Constructive Line: Preferential Planes, Contour, Phenomenal Body In The Work Of Bacon, Chalayan, Kawakubo, COLLOQUY text theory critique(9), 48-70

Conference presentations and publications

2007 | Reinhardt, D., 'Deep Surface Mesh Systems as Strategy for Shaping Dynamic Spaces, Paper for ANZASCA Conference 2007', Proceedings of 41st Architectural Science Association, Deakin University, James Couson, Dirk Schwede, Richard Tucker (eds.).

2007 | Jakovich, J,., and Reinhardt, D., 'Soncitecture - Aesthetic spatial conditioning through sound, computation and interaction', CC2007, Creativity and Cognition Conference, USA, Washington; Conference Proceedings. June 13-15, 2007.

2007 | Reinhardt, D., 'Prosthetic Surface - Design Models for a Dynamic Architecture', Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Association of Architectural Schools of Australasia, Sept. 27-29, (Kristen Orr and Sandra Kaji-O'Grady (eds.).

2004 | Reinhardt, D., '(Un)Limited Privacy - (Un)Limited Indentity: On the Border of 4Dimensional Space - Domesticity, Information screens, digital work surfaces and representation', in SAHANZ XXI/Limits, 2004, Melbourne Australia, Harriet Edquist and Helene Frichot (eds.), SAHANZ conference proceedings, RMIT and Routledge, Taylor Francis.

Architectural and Design

Dagmar Reinhardt is a practising architect and member of the architect’s chamber Hessen, Germany (Member No: 16647). She is the co-director of reinhardt_jung, an architectural office established in 2004 in Frankfurt with partner Alexander Jung. reinhardt_jung are architects, educators and researcher specialising in residential and gastronomy architectural work (extensions, conversions, new buildings, interior design) as much as in unfinished architectures (performative spaces, digital architecture, conceptual approaches, extravagant interior concepts) spanning art, architecture and urbanism. reinhardt_jung have practiced architecture both in Europe and Australia, and regularly participate in architecture, installations, exhibitions, event collaborations, and educational engagements. reinhardt_jung are also the founders of several architecture and design collaborations, such as the art lab luftraum, the design practice frankfurterraum, and the Sydney based architecture office twentytwentysix.

Built architecture projects of reinhardt_jung include Lumen Studio (2009-10), Kaminsky Apartment (2009-210), Wanner’s Restaurant (2009), Jung House (2008-10), Berlin Apartments (2008-2010), UZWh (2009), House Jones (2006-08), Schaaf House (2006-08), and Vis a Vis restaurant (2006). The work of reinhardt_jung has been published in architectural magazines and online publications such as Schöner Wohnen, WohnrevueCH, Baunetz, architonic, A+U and Mark Magazine. Jones House has been awarded the LBS prize ‘Goldenes Haus’ in 2009, and has been recently nominated for the upcoming DEUBAU prize in 2012.

Public Lectures and Presentations

2010, 'Four angles of thinking the Digital', invited lecture at University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt Main, June.

2009 | 'Departures from the Blueprint', invited lecture at Faculty of Architecture, University of Lincoln, UK, November.

2009 | 'Design Methods for Performative Structures', educational lecture at University of Applied Science, Frankfurt Main, April.

2008 | , 'A Critical Mass: Digital Techniques, Material Expressions', invited lecture at University of Applied Science, Darmstadt, December.

2008 | 'Responsive Geometries, Media Perfomances', educational lecture at University of Applied Science, Frankfurt (part of Design Course ‘Branding Dubai’), October.

2008 | 'The Design Potential of Analogue and Digital Models in Time and Space', educational lecture at University of Applied Science, Frankfurt (part of '00:00 timelab'), April.

2008 | 'Prosthetic Surface - Strategies for a Dynamic Architecture', lecture at the AASA conference, UTS, Sydney, September.

2007 | Lecture, Design Methods and Projects' at TNT, Tusculum, RAIA (Royal Institute of Architecture) with Alexander Jung, September

2007 | 'Design Model Lab - Design as Research', Introduction lecture for Master of Architecture, University of Sydney, September.

2006 | 'reinhardt_jung: House Jones', Lecture at Pecha Kucha - Sydney, with Alexander Jung, October.

2006 | , 'Digital Architecture: From Responsive Tectonics To Interactive Systems', Introduction lecture for Course, BArch Projekt, 'Digitalics', University of Sydney, July.

2005 | 'Deep Surface: Dynamic Processes, Spatial Conditioning And (Media) Coding', Presentation Research Proposal, Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Sydney, September.

2005 | 'Sequence of Science, Fiction and Architecture', Introduction Lecture for Course, 'Precast Reality Studio', Master of Architecture, University of Sydney, July.

Public Exhibitions and Events

2010 | 'Trivet Fields', Interactive Installation with Joanne Jakovich, Alexander Jung, Phil Granger, as part of the group exhibition 'Velocity', at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, June.

2010 | 'StadtLandFluss' and 'De-light', two illumination and infrastructure projects for Luminale Frankfurt 2006, in collaboration with harbour management and fire brigade Frankfurt Main, April.

2005 | 'The Picknickers', project for the temporary architecture exhibition, Canberra Biennale 2005, Australia, June.

2005 | 'Re-signed Retold', participation at the group exhibition Esquisse: ,Shopping' at Medium Rare gallery, Sydney, March.

2004 | Kaufhaut'(Galeria_undercover), illumination project with industry partnership for Galleria Kaufhof, at Luminale Frankfurt 2004, Frankfurt Main, April.

2003 | 'H'ren', Installation as participation at the group exhibition 'Fl'chtige Verfestigung', Gruppenausstellung at hr Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt Main. April.

2002 | 'Art and Airports' (Diploma St'delschule Architecture Class 2002), curated exhibition of projects by St'delschule Frankfurt at UIA XXI World Congress of Architecture, Berlin, July.

2000 | co-curator of gallery space luftraum at the Frankfurt International Airport with Martina Cooper; 15 curated exhibitions of two invited artists, February.

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Non-Traditional Research output


Arch/ Design - Residential

2009 | taunusblick

2009 | BS.UZW

2009 | Kaminsky Apartment

2009 | Ottillinger

2006 | Haus Schaaf

2006 | haus Birkenfeld

2007 | Raward House

2005 | haus burbach

Arch/ Design - Installations

2009 | Branding Dubai | Dubai Diamonds

2008 | particle chandelier

2008 | Donut House

2005 | The Picknickers

Portfolio Title: Arch/ Design - Commercial

2010 | Lumen studio

2008 | Bio-Spring Headquarters

2005 | vis a vis

Design Architectural Work

2010 | House | Jones

2009 | FNS Apartments

2009 | Hasenpfad

2008 | Greenzone Nordend

2006 | StadtLandFluss


2011 | aMaze 2011 | Thinking Design / Design Thinking

2006 | The Fat The Old and the Beautiful

Visual Art

2011 | The Right to the City | Remembering Home

2006 | Velocity | 1. Trivet Fields

2006 | d light [geschmacklicht]

2005 | IDEA | Codes/ Signs