Dr Glen Hill



Associate Professor
Glen Hill
Associate Professor, Coordinator M. Arch Sustainable Architecture Studio, Director of the Master of Architecture program
Room 324, G04, 'Wilkinson Building' 148 City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
+61 2 9351 2773

Glen Hill

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Research Areas

  • Sustainable design
  • Place, technology and fashion.
  • Using the lens of contemporary continental thinkers - particularly Martin Heidegger and Bernard Stiegler.
  • Best-practice solutions for adapting existing built form of coastal settlements to the impacts of sea level rise.

Units taught and programs

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD, University of Sydney
    Master of Project Management, UTS
    Bachelor of Architecture, University of Sydney
    Bachelor of Science (Architecture), University of Sydney

Professional Experience

2009-2010 | Head of Architecture and Allied Arts Discipline

2009 | Associate Professor in History and Theory, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney

2004 | Senior Lecturer in History and Theory, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney

2001 | Lecturer in History and Theory, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney

1997-2000 | Associate Lecturer in History and Theory, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney

1986-1992 | Associate Director of Hall Bowe and Webber Pty Ltd.

1980-1985 | Architect with Hall Bowe and Webber Pty Ltd.

1982 | Registered as an Architect.

Memberships and Associations

  • Higher Degree Examiner | for: Jacqueline Lorber Kasunic PhD (UTS), Igea Troiani PhD (QUT), C. L. Smith PhD (University of Newcastle), Scott Drake PhD (University of Canberra), Tonkin Cameronwise PhD (USyd, Philosophy Dept), Favia Marcello PhD (USyd, Architecture Dept), Nina Hamilton PhD (University of Tasmania), Melissa Wilson MArch (University of Adelaide), Jun Cai MArch (University of Adelaide), Anuradha Chatterjee (UNSW)
  • Refereeing | Refereeing papers for SAHANZ annual conferences: (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, Architectural Theory Review, Journal of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney. Design Studies, Design Philosophy Papers

Publications and Outputs

Books | Book Chapters | Journal Articles | Conference Presentations and Publications | Architectural and Design | Public Lectures and Presentations | Public Exhibitions and Events


2008 | Glen Hill, Heidegger and the Earth: The Unsustainability of Sustainable Design, VDM, Verlag. Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft; Co, 2008.

1978 | Glen Hill & Ross Thorne, Urbanscope, Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Book Chapters

2011 | Glen Hill, The Aesthetics of Architectural Consumption, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1, 26-40.

2010 | Glen Hill & Kabita Chakma, "Using Architectural History to Invent a Nation: the case of the indigenous architecture of the Chittagong Hill Tracts", in Between Ashes and Hope: Chittagong Hill Tracks in the Blind Spot of Bangladeshi Nationalism, edited by Naeem Mohaiemen, Drishtipat Writers' Collective, Dhaka, 2010.

2010 | Glen Hill & Kabita Chakma, "Writing post-nationalist histories within the walls of nationalism: the case of indigenous people of the Chittagong Hill Tracks of Bangladesh", in Between Ashes and Hope: Chittagong Hill Tracts in the blind spot of Bangladeshi nationalism, edited by Naeem Mohaiemen, Drishipat Writers' Collective, Dhaka. 2010.

2007 | Glen Hill, "Wilkinson Building", in Trevor Howells, (ed.), University of Sydney Architecture, Sydney, The Watermark Press.

2003 | Glen Hill, "Process, not Product", in AASA Refereed Design Scheme 1999-2000, edited by Bill Busfield and Patrick Beale. Perth: Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and the Visual Arts. The University of Western Australia.

2002 | Glen Hill, "Designing Waste", in Design for Sustainability: A Sourcebook of integrated, eco-logical solutions, edited by Janis Birkeland. London: Earthscan Publications Ltd.

1995 | Glen Hill and Kabita Chakma, "Thwarting the Indigenous Custodians of Biodiversity", in Bangladesh: Land, Forest and Forest People, edited by P. Gain. Dhaka: Society for Environment and Human Development.

Journal Articles

Forthcoming | Glen Hill, "Saving the Earth with Poetry: A readying of Heideggers "Poetically Man Dwells". (submitted for review).

Under Review | Glen Hill, "Heidegger, Technology and the Impossibility of Sustainable design". (Currently under review).

2007 | Glen Hill and Kabita Chakma, "Writing Post-national histories within the walls of nationalism: The Case of Indigenous Peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracks of Bangladesh", Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA), Vol. 39-40.

2003 | Glen Hill, "Is Design the danger? Theorising Heidegger's Distrust of Design in Modernity," Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 8, no. 2.

2000 | Glen Hill, "Architectural History Research after Post-Modernism", Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 5, No. 2.

[[b||1999] | Glen Hill, "Fashioning Architects: Clothed in the Rhetoric of Rationalism", Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 4, No. 2.

1997 | Glen Hill, "Heidegger's absent presence in design: A response to Snodgrass and Coyne's "Is Designing Hermeneutical", Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 2, No. 2.

1997 | Glen Hill and Kabita Chakma, "Of Other Universities: The Contested Space of the Ancient Viharas of Bangladesh", Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 2, No. 1.

Conference Presentations and Publications

2011 | Bobic, N, Hill, G A, Songs Sustained Us: Theorizing Nato's 'Humanitarian' Targeting of Belgrade, ARCHTHEO 2011: Theory of Architecture Symposium, P/PB: DAKAM Publishing, Istanbul, Turkey, 1, 345-361

2010 | Glenn Hill, ‘Fantasies of Science in Ian McHarg’s Design with Nature, Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand, Imagining…, Newcastle 2010.

2010 | Glenn Hilll and Daniel Ryan, "Turning the tide: Researching Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies Through the Architecture Design Studio". Connected 2010 2nd International Conference on Design Education, University of New South Wales, 28 June 1 July 2010. Abstract accepted.

2010 | Glenn Hill and Daniel Ryan, "Rising Tides: A Pedagogical Model of a Multi-Stakeholder Architectural Research Studio". Paper presented at Building Global Cities: Shanghai and Sydney, University of Sydney, 19 November 2009. (Will be republished as a book chapter in 2010).

2009 | Glenn Hill, "God, Heidegger and Sustainable Design", Architecture and Phenomenology Conference, Kyoto Japan, June 26-29, 2009. Full paper accepted.

2009 | Glenn Hill, "Are Sustainable Architectural Technologies Sustainable: What Heidegger never said about Rainwater Tanks," 5th International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia, Sustainable Theory, Theorizing Sustainability, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, September 4-5 2009. Full paper accepted.

2007 | Glenn Hill, "Design without Causality: Heidegger's Impossible Challenge for Ecologically Sustainable Architecture", 4th International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia, Techniques and Technologies: Transfer and Transformation, University of Technology Sydney 2007.

2007 | Glenn Hill, 'Joining the White Flight from Idleness: The Design of Public Space in Aboriginal Redfern', Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand, Panorama and Paradise, Adelaide 2007.

2006 | Glenn Hill, 'Dreaming the Block: Three Decades of Architectural Imagining for Redfern's Indigenous Community', Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand, Contested Terrains, Perth, 2006.

2002 | Glenn Hill. "Out of Place in the Landscape: Questioning the Architectural Rhetoric of Place." Additions to Architectural History, Brisbane 2002.

2002 | Glenn Hill "There is No Place Like Home (Anymore)." De-placing Difference: Architecture, Culture and Imaginative Geography, Adelaide 2002.

2000 | Glenn Hill, and Kabita Chakma. "Using Architectural History to Invent a Nation: the Case of the Indigenous Architecture of the Chittagong Hill Tracts." Formulation Fabrication: the Architecture of History, Wellington New Zealand 2000.

1999 | Glenn Hill. "Masked by the Rhetoric of Rationalism: Or Why Architectural Reviewers Can't Say 'Wow'!" SAHANZ Thresholds, Hobart and Launceston 1999.

1998 | Glenn Hill. "Architecture in Chaos: Using New Architecture to Authorise New Sciences." Australia and New Zealand Architectural Science Association, Wellington, New Zealand 1998.

1998 | Glenn Hill and Jenny Ernawati. "Taman Sari: Tourist 'Consumption' of a Sultan's Pleasure Garden." Paper presented at the 3rd International Forum (UNESCO), Melbourne 1998.

1997 | Glenn Hill. "The Ontology of Waste: Heidegger and the Chimera of Technological Progress." CATALYST Designing Eco-Solutions Conference, Canberra, Australia 1997.

1997 | Glenn Hill. "Earth: The Groundless Ground of Architectural History." Paper presented at the On What Grounds?, Adelaide 1997.

Public Presentations, Exhibitions and Opening

Architectural and Design

Architectural Competitions | Runner up, [[i||Urban Consolidation Open Architectural Competition for Medium Density Housing, 1986. Also, involved in the preparation of the winning scheme for the [i||Queens Square Bicentennial Competition]], Macquarie Street, 1988.

Design Architect | House for June Jeremy, Wiseman’s Ferry;Terrace Houses, Erskineville;Duplex, Annandale;Dental Surgery, Wingham;Hassall House, Dudley; Tipping House 1, Seaforth; Tipping House 2, Manly; Hayes Gordon House, Neutral Bay; Sievert House, Mudgee; Hill House, Maitland; Dual Occupancy Houses, Grays Point; Alexander House, Mosman (unbuilt); Country Club Hotel, Shoal Bay (unbuilt); Cluster Housing, Bilgola Beach (unbuilt).

Job Captain | Automated Warehouse, 21st Supply Battalion, Moorebank; Munition Filling Factory facilities, Pyrotechnics Section, St Marys; North Sydney Technical College, Stage 7; Additions to the Town Hall, Mudgee; Winmalee High School; Farmers Grascos rural offices; Office building refurbishment, Milsons Point; Shopping Centre, East Hills; Shops, Mosman; Bucknell house, Seaforth;Deshon/Grahame semi-detached houses, Neutral Bay; Fitout Contract, National Acoustics Laboratory, Chatswood;House alterations and additions, Bundanoon; Hotel, Potts Point (unbuilt); Hotel, Warrawong (unbuilt);Iver Bucks medium density housing development, Bowral (unbuilt); Power Station, Tuggerah (unbuilt).

Contract Administration | Shopping Centre, East Hills; Office building refurbishment, Milsons Point; Shops, Mosman; Additions to Sydney Kindergarten Teachers College, Waverley; Refurbishment for the Marionette Theatre of Australia, The Rocks.

Other involvements | Power Station, Tuggerah; Avilion Tourist Development, South Stradbroke Island; Urban Design, Blacktown CBD; Grandstand, Sydney Cricket Ground; Winning competition entry for Queens Square Development, Macquarie Street; Warehouse Facility, 21st Supply Battalion, Moorebank.

Postgraduate Supervision

Current | Nikolina Bobic (FT), Graham Bell PhD (FT), Dr Fontaine Liu 2nd PhD (FT), Dr Jennifer Gamble 2nd PhD (PT), Haris Dzonlagic PhD (PT), Scott Hill (PT), Douglas Brown (FT)

Past | Dr Simon Weir (PhD), Dr Matthew Conlon (PhD), Dr Sing D'Arcy (PhD), Dr Dagmar Reinhardt (PhD), Dr Russell Rodrigo (PhD), Dr Sam Ridgway (PhD), Dr Fontaine Liu (PhD), Dr Stephen Loo (PhD), Dr Jennifer Gamble (PhD), Dr Ingo Kumic (PhD), Dr Scott Colman (PhD), Dr Susan Stewart (PhD), Dr David Week (PhD), Dr Stan Fung (PhD), Amanda Jean (MPhil).

Past Graduate Research Associate Supervision | Dr Nik Lukman (PhD) and Maggie Zhaou (MPhil)