Emeritus Professor Gary T Moore

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Professor Moore served as Dean of the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture from 1997 through 2006. In the words of Professor Gavin Brown, the Vice-Chancellor, “As Dean, Professor Moore played a considerable role in guiding the transformation and repositioning of the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning to become once again among the very best in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. He guided a major restructuring of the Faculty; saw a reinvigoration of staff; increased student demand; and created closer links with alumni, the professions and the wider community. Professor Moore started the Architecture Alumni Association and launched the Faculty's first fund-raising campaign which resulted in $1.25m for capital improvement and scholarships. As Dean, he led the designing and building of an infrastructure that will enable the Faculty to continue the progress made in his period of office.”

Professor Moore led a major restructuring of the Faculty of Architecture from four departments to a unified, non-departmentalised Faculty and prepared the Faculty’s first strategic plan, Creating the Future. Under his leadership, the academic staff grew with 50% new academics from around the world. He also rescued a declining budget (doubling it in seven years), doubled student numbers and improved student admissions from last to first in the state and region (the UAI cut-off rose 20 percentage points under his leadership). He also brought the Faculty back into prominence among alumni, the professions and the broader community, initiating not only the Faculty’s Alumni Association but also creating the first Alumni Development Centre, Dean’s Council and Professional Advisory Committees for each degree pogrom.

Realising that Australia and the University of Sydney are a part of the Asia-Pacific region and therefore the need to open doors for research, teaching and intellectual development with Australia’s nearest neighbours, Professor Moore initiated the first strategic international agreements between the Faculty and partner universities in Asia.

He also directed many initiatives for the University, including establishing the AHURI Housing and Urban Research Centre, serving as president of the University Association of Professors, and chairing the Task Force that led to the University of Sydney Institute for Sustainability.