Emeritus Professor Gary T Moore

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As Emeritus Professor, Professor Moore continues to direct the Environment, Behaviour and Society Research Group, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Science Review, supervises PhD students, post-docs and visiting scholars, teaches research methods to incoming MPhil and PhD students and is continuing his research on the interface between the interdisciplinary social sciences and the built environment.

As Guest Professor of Tongji University, a visiting post he took up from July of 2007, he is also teaching research methods to incoming architecture and urban planning students at that university, consulting on ongoing research projects and consolidating international collaborative research relationships with universities in China.

He has also been invited to lecture on new research methods to PhD students in the social sciences of architecture and urban planning at other top national universities in China, and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.

Professor Moore and his family live permanently in Australia. Dr Meloni Muir, his wife, is a Research Fellow and Lecturer in Physiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sydney. His daughter, Mindan Gunther-Moore, completed a double honours degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and is living and working as a jeweller in Vancouver , and their son, Kelton Muir de Moore, is enrolled at Fort Street High School in Sydney; both are dual Canadian/US citizens and permanent residents of Australia. Professor Moore is also developing land for wildlife in Tasmania, caring for oceanfront land on the South Coast of NSW, and coaching state-level football and futsal.