Emeritus Professor Gary T Moore

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Professor Moore is one of the founders of two fields – design methods and environment-behaviour studies. His earliest research made important contributions to the literature on systematic design methods on which MIT Press published his first book, Emerging Methods in Environmental Design and Planning, in 1970.

His more recent research has made significant contributions to our understanding of the relationships between environment, behavior and society, including environmental cognition, children youth and environments, aging and the environment, post-occupancy evaluation and environment-behaviour theory.

He has also conducted research and published extensively on aerospace architecture.

His research in these fields has been supported by over US$2.75 million (AUS$3.15 million) in grants from the US National Science Foundation, US National Endowment for the Arts, Health and Welfare Canada, Canada Council for the Arts and Humanities, NASA, the World Bank, Australian Research Council and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

Currently he leads the Environment, Behaviour and Society Research Group at the University of Sydney comprised of post-docs, PhD students and visiting scholars from around the world researching a variety of issues on the interface between the interdisciplinary social sciences and the built environment. His own most current research has looked at the development of psychometric scales for the assessment of childcare centres, preschools and other environments for early childhood education and at productivity in the work place.

He has published 10 books, 12 conference proceedings and special issues of journals, 60 scientific reports, a video/DVD and well over 100 research papers. In addition to the award-winning Emerging Methods in Environmental Design and Planning (MIT Press, 1970), his other books include Environmental Knowing (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1976), Designing Environments for Handicapped Children (Educational Facilities Laboratories, 1979), Environmental Design Research Directions (Praeger, 1985), and the four-volume series, Advances in Environment, Behavior & Design, published by Plenum Press (now Springer) between 1987-97.

In 2006 together with his EBS colleagues and PhD students, he organised the 1st International Symposium on Environment, Behaviour and Society, a major international conference attended by delegates from 45 countries. He is currently completing a new book, Environment, Behaviour and Society, to be published by Springer and a series of papers on research methods, psychometric scales and crime prevention through environmental design. His work has been translated into French, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish and published or republished around the world.