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Lian Loke

Senior Lecturer Design Lab, Acting Program Director MIDEA

Room 275, G04 'Wilkinson Building', 148 City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

 T 61 2 9351 4108

 Lian Loke

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Research areas:

  • Interaction design (specializing in movement and user experience)
  • Interactive art
  • Performance, body and technology
  • Design methods

Units taught and programs

  • IDEA9104 | Cyber Studio
  • IDEA9302 | IDEA Research Project
  • IDEA9303 | IDEA Dissertation

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computing Sciences (Interaction Design), University of Technology, Sydney, 2009
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Teaching and Learning, University of Technology, Sydney, 2004
  • Certificate of Fashion Design and Illustration, National Art School, East Sydney Technical College, 1993
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Honours), University of Sydney, 1992
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science, Pure Mathematics), University of Sydney, 1990

Professional Experience

  • Senior Lecturer in Design Computing, University of Sydney, 2012 – present
  • Senior Lecturer, School of Software, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, University of Technology, Sydney, 2009 – 2011
  • Lecturer, School of Software, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, University of Technology, Sydney, 2000 – 2009

Memberships and Associations

2011 Board Member, Division of Architecture and the Creative Arts, University of Sydney.

2006 Academic Board, University of Sydney.

Research Grants / Commissions

  • Australia Council for the Arts, Inter-Arts Projects for Luscious Apparatus, 2010-2011
  • Academy of the Humanities, ISL-HCA for Visiting Fellow Natalie Jeremijenko, 2010
  • UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, Technology & Education Design & Development Grant 2009 for A Software Engineering Workbench for Engineering and IT Software Subjects
  • UTS Large Learning and Teaching Grant 2008/9 for Collaborative Models of Teaching in Technology Subjects
  • UTS Small Learning and Teaching Grant Spring 2007 for Using Criterion-Based Assessment and Improving Feedback in ICT Major Software Thread Subjects
  • UTS academic staff doctoral completion scholarship, Spring 2006


Lian Loke’s research and creative practice is interdisciplinary and spans the arts, design and human-computer interaction. She places the lived body at the core of inquiry into contemporary issues and emerging technologies. Her creative works incorporate performance and installation to engage and critique new technologies. Her research interests lie in understanding the lived experience of people interacting with emerging technologies and exploring how to design future products and systems from such understandings. Design methods and tools for speculative, user-centred and participatory design form a large part of her research program. An ongoing strand of research is the development of methods for working with the creative potential of the moving body, drawn from movement improvisation, dance and somatic practices, which can be appropriated by designers. Her doctoral research investigated the emerging field of movement-based interaction design and resulted in a design methodology, Moving and Making Strange, consisting of methods and tools to assist in the design of movement-based interactive technologies. The design methodology gives primacy to the lived experience of people interacting with technology and offers three perspectives for designers: the first-person experiential, the observer and the machine.

Previous projects include:

  • The Bystander Field, an interactive, immersive interface for engaging with curatorial collections. ARC Linkage Project 2003-2005. Led by Dr Ross Gibson (UTS) and Dr Toni Robertson (UTS).
  • The Thinking Through The Body ensemble (http://thinkingthroughthebody.net), exploring aesthetic experience, interactive art and somatic bodywork. ArtLab 2008/2009. Led by Dr George Khut and Dr Lizzie Muller (UTS).
  • The Art of Participatory Design, PDC2010 (http://www.pdc2010.org/art-of-pd/). Co-curator with Dr Lizzie Muller (UTS) and facilitator of the Sydney Lab of the Remnant/Emergency ArtLab project led by Dr Keith Armstrong (QUT), in collaboration with Visiting Fellow Natalie Jeremijenko (NYU) http://remnantartlab.com.
  • Luscious Apparatus, research into body-focused interaction and wearable, biofeedback technologies for interactive and live art contexts. Funded by The Australia Council, Inter-Arts Office 2010-2011.
    Current projects include:
  • My Mind Y/Our Body (with Michaela Davies) – investigating the choreographic possibilities of brainwave sensors and electric muscle stimulation technologies. Supported by Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre and the Design Lab.

Selected Publications and Outputs

Book Chapters | Journal Articles | Conference Presentations and Publications | Workshops And Symposiums | Public Presentations and Exhibitions


Book Chapters

Journal Articles

Pending | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. Moving and making strange: An embodied approach to movement-based interaction design. TOCHI, Special issue on The Theory and Practice of Embodied Interaction in HCI and Interaction Design (pending final acceptance).

2012 | Loke, L., Khut, G., Muller, L., Slattery, M., Truman, C. and Duckworth, J. 2012. Re-sensitising the body: Interactive art and the Feldenkrais Method. International Journal of Arts and Technology, Special Issue on Whole-Body Interaction.

2010 | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. 2010. Studies of dancers: Moving from experience to interaction design. International Journal of Design, 4(2), 39-54, Special Issue on Aesthetics of Interaction.

2009 | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. 2009. Design representations of moving bodies in interactive, immersive spaces, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 67 (4), 394-410.

2007 | Loke, L., Larssen, A. T., Robertson, T., Edwards, J. 2007. Understanding movement for interaction design: Frameworks and approaches. Journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Special Issue on Movement-Based Interaction.

Conference Presentations and Publications

2012 | Loke, L., Khut, G. P. and Kocaballi, A. B. 2012. Bodily experience and imagination: Designing ritual interactions for participatory live-art contexts. In Proc. Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS 2012).

2012 | Kocaballi, A. B., Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders, R., Dong, A. and Loke, L. 2012. Transformations, enactments, and distrust in promoting multiplicity in design process. In Proc. Participatory Innovation Conference (PIN-C2012).

2011 | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. 2011. The lived body in design: Mapping the terrain. In Proc. OZCHI ’11, ACM.

2010 | Loke, L. and Khut, G. P. 2010. Surging Verticality: An experience of balance. In Proc. TEI '11, ACM, New York, NY, USA, 237-240.

2009 | Robertson, T. and Loke, L. 2009. Designing situations. In Proc. OZCHI ‘09.

2008 | Loke L. and Robertson T. 2008. Inventing and devising movement in the design of movement-based interactive systems. In Proc. OZCHI ‘08, 81-88.

2007 | Loke, L., Robertson, T. 2007. Making strange with the falling body in interactive technology design. In Proc. DeSForM ‘07, Design and Semantics of Form and Movement, eds L. Feijs, S. Kyffin & B. Young, Newcastle, UK.

2006 | Robertson, T., Mansfield, T., Loke, L. 2006. Designing an immersive environment for public use. In Proc. PDC ‘06.

2005 | Loke, L., Robertson, T. and Mansfield, T. 2005. Moving bodies, social selves: Movement-oriented personas and scenarios. In Proc. OZCHI ‘05.

2005 | Loke, L., Larssen, A. T. and Robertson, T. 2005. Labanotation for design of movement-based interaction. In Proc. Interactive Entertainment 2005.

2004 | Robertson, T., Mansfield, T. and Loke, L. 2004. Human-centred design issues for immersive media spaces. In Proc. Future Ground 2004, the Design Research Society’s International Conference.

2004 | Larssen, A. T., Loke, L., Robertson, T. and Edwards, J. 2004. Movement as input for interaction – A study and evaluation of two EyetoyTM games. In Proc. OZCHI ’04.

Workshops & Symposiums

2011 | Loke, L. 2011. Shaping and understanding audience bodily experience. Position Paper in Proceedings of The Body In Design workshop, OZCHI 2011.

2011 | Kocaballi, A. B., Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders, R., Dong, A. and Loke, L. 2011. Multiplicity through Connectivity: Investigating body-technology-space couplings in participatory activities. Position Paper in Proceedings of The Body In Design workshop, OZCHI 2011.

2011 | Kocaballi, A. B., Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders, R., Dong, A. and Loke, L. 2011. Embracing relational agency in design process of machine-mediated performances. SEAM Symposium 2011, Critical Path, Sydney.

2011 | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. 2011. Moving and making strange: An embodied approach to interactive technology design. Position Paper in Proceedings of Embodied Interaction Workshop, CHI2011.

2005 | Loke, L. and Robertson, T. 2005. Movement-oriented personas and scenarios. In Proceedings of Approaches to Movement-based Interaction Workshop, Critical Computing 4th Aarhus Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, 21 August, 2005.

2005 | Loke, L. and Larssen, A. T. 2005. Gesture and EyetoyTM: A human-centred analysis of movement-based interaction. Gesture Interaction Workshop presentation, NICTA.

Public Presentations and Exhibitions

2012 | Ghost[s] and the[ir] Machine[s] exhibition of postgraduate student work from MIDEA studio. Co-curated with Deborah Turnbull. Darlington Old School June 2012.

2011 | The Art of Fact & Fiction gallery discussion, Natural Digressions, UTS Gallery, April 2011.

2011 | The Breath Temple live art installation. SEAM Symposium 2011, Critical Path, Sydney. With Dr George Khut.

2011 | Going Batty in the City. Public event showcasing the outcomes of the Remnant Emergency project, Cook and Phillip Park, Sydney CBD, April 2011. In collaboration with Dr Keith Armstrong (QUT).

2010 | The Art of Participatory Design co-curation of X, Natalie Jeremijenko solo show and The Botanic Garden Xtension, The Remnant Emergency project, UTS Gallery 2010. Curatorial team: Tania Creighton, Holly Williams, Dr Lizzie Muller, Dr Lian Loke.

2010 | Thinking Through The Body group presentation. SEAM Symposium 2010, Seymour Centre, Sydney.

2010 | Pecha Kucha artist talk, Biennale of Sydney, Superdeluxe, Artspace, 2010.

2009 | Sensorium Gymnasium open studio, Thinking Through The Body project, Performance Space, August 2009.

2007 | Bystander. Immersive installation Performance Space, August 2007. In collaboration with Dr Ross Gibson, Kate Richards, Dr Toni Robertson and team.

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