Dr Peter Armstrong

Title: Dr
Name: Peter Armstrong
Position: Senior Lecturer; Coordinator, M. Arch Urban Architecture Studio
Location: Room 327, Wilkinson Building (G04), 148 City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
Phone: +61 2 9351 3857

Peter Armstrong is an architect and academic and teaches in the Faculty of Architecture at Sydney University.

He gained his master’s degree at Waseda University under Yoshisaka Takamasa and worked in the office of Kikutake Kiyonori before returning to Australia where he has practiced as an architect for 30 years. His Ph.D dealt with the formative period of the Japanese castle town between the years 1586 and 1650. He has taught architectural design and the history of architecture and urban design in East Asia at Sydney University since 1974.

Current research includes studies in the origins of Japanese urban development with reference to the 7th century Korean kingdoms and relationship between the first Japanese capitals on the continental model.

In 2002 Peter Armstrong Architecture received the Sulman and Francis Greenway awards for the design of the Parade Theatre, Stage 2 of the National Institute of Dramatic Art. He continues to practise in the design and construction of schools, clinics and related projects in South-East Asia as part of the Japanese Government’s Grass Roots Aid Scheme.

In 2006 he was decorated by the Foreign Minister of Japan and was made an Honorary Research Fellow of the Korean Government’s National Kyongju Research Institute of Cultural Heritage.

Research Areas

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Kikutake School Exhibition at the Architectural Institute of Japan

Occasion of the Kikutake School Exhibition at the Architectural Institute of Japan, commemorating Kikutake's 75th Birthday in 2003


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2011 | Armstrong, P G 2011, Taiwan International Urban Planning and Design Workshop, Taipei International Co- workshops by Universities Grant Program: Vision of Future Taipei, Chinese Culture University, College of Environmental Design, Monga, Taipei, 9-9

2016 | Armstrong, P G 2006, The road system of the Sillia Capital 1: The Central Avenue, RSEA 2006 - Reassessing East Asia in the Light of Urban and Architectural History: International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture, Kyoto 2006, Takahashi Yasuo, Kyoto, 1, II-415-II-424

Book Chapters

2011 | Armstrong, P G 2011, Architecture in the Mono-no-nai-jidai, Legacies of the Asia-Pacific war: the yakeato generation, Routledge imprint of Taylor & Francis, London, New York, 1, 216-228

2006 | Armstrong, P G 2006, The path of influence of the ideal Chinese capital plan: Chinese-Korean Diplomacy in the 5th & 6th Century, History and Future of Architectural Heritage in East Asia: Selected Proceedings of International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture Nanjing 2004, Southeast University Press, Nanjing, China, 290-296

Non-Traditional Research Output

Portfolio Title: International Paradigms for Sustainable Urbanism

2010 | Boat People: The Growing Internationisation of Sydney

2009 | Sketching Mount Namsan

2009 | Taroko Gorge National Park

2009 | Excellence in the Public Domain

2008 | Housing Policy in Australia

2008 | The Lost Waterways of Sydney: Sydney as Outpost of Empire

2008 | The Urban Inheritance of the Rocks: From Slum to Cultural Treasure