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Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Your first step to becoming an architect. You will learn to design for the built environment through a studio-based program that encompasses the aesthetic, technical,social and professional aspects of architecture.

This program teaches you how to conceptualise designs, test assumptions, evaluate results and refine your craft. You will have access to electives drawn from across disciplines in arts, digital design, sustainability and urban design.

This flexibility is supported by a rigorous core program of core units in studios, history and theory, communications, technology and design workshops. You will also take design workshops in your choice of drawing, ceramics, photography, object design, and more. The Bachelor of Design in Architecture is the only undergraduate architecture program in Australia that includes these workshops as a core requirement to improving your aesthetic judgements and exposing you to a wide range of techniques and media.

Your personal and professional interests in architecture are matched by our staff’s discipline-leading research, exposing you to contemporary issues throughout your degree. Exciting opportunities are available for you to expand your studio experience, participate in design and build projects and leverage the expertise of our world-class researchers.

Architects must also be aware of the social context in which their designs are created, interpreted and understood. You may choose subjects from across various faculties to tailor your degree to your interests. This means you will not be limited in your architectural practice, but will instead be a responsive and adaptive thinker who can produce designs that meet clients’ needs.

Engagement with these professionally relevant aspects of the architectural profession is what makes our graduates highly sought-after and our alumni industry leaders.

A range of other opportunities including international exchange, student exhibitions, design competitions and industry presentations are also available to you.

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Bachelor of Design in Architecture

  • We're ranked 1st in Australia and ranked in the top 15 in the world for architecture and the built environment.

    2017 QS University World Rankings.

Indicative Course Progression

Credit points required per semester: 24
Total credit points required to complete degree: 144
Indicative progression based on a Semester 1 enrolment.
*These units are electives; you can choose other options.

Our Students

Jason Dibbs

Bachelor of Design in Architecture - PhD candidate

“The highlight of my studies has been the amazing student cohort. The school really does attract the best students, not only in Australia, but also the Asia-Pacific region.

The studio-based learning environment enabled me to forge productive and lasting relationships with students and academics. It also meant I was constantly challenged to produce better and more refined work, and really grapple with many of the theoretical and practical issues one faces when engaging with the design process.

I hope to combine my design practice with thorough theoretical engagement, completing a PhD at the University of Sydney, and then pursuing a career researching and writing about issues of design ethics, housing equity, and more broadly about the intersection of architecture and philosophy.

Architecture is such a far-reaching field and there are so many opportunities to meaningfully engage with complex issues that affect many, many people.”

Ben Berwick

Bachelor of Design in Architecture - Graduate Architect, Sou Fujimoto Architects

Looking at all the architecture degrees available in Australia, the University of Sydney offered the most balanced foundation in architecture. Its teaching of traditional techniques allowed me to immediately express my ideas. Later, the introduction of digital tools and methods allowed me to accelerate the precision of my work and to keep pace with the global architectural scene.
Since graduating I have worked as Digital Engineer for Jun Sato Structural Engineers in Japan on the 2016/18 Venice Biennale Pavilion for Japan. I joined Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo as an architect and was transferred to France nine months later to help open their Paris office.

Sophie Lannigan

Bachelor of Design in Architecture

I was selected to volunteer at the Venice Biennale of Architecture during the mid-year break. This was an amazing experience which indulged my curiosity about the curation of architecture and gave access to some very important historical sites, particularly the Fondazione Querini Stampalia which I’d written an essay about in the semester prior. The art and architecture I saw have informed my designs since returning.

Karen Lin

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, 3rd Year

Undertaking an exchange program in Yogyakarta has allowed me to understand architecture from beyond the perspective of a first-world profession.

Architecture is multidisciplinary, keeping things interesting. We’re expected to be skilled in creative thinking, drawing, writing, photography, sculpture, digital modelling, graphic design, visual/verbal communication, conceptual refinement and most importantly: time management.

After graduation, I would like to take a gap year to complete an architectural internship abroad. After that, I’ll enrol in a Master of Architecture to continue my studies before settling into a career of design.

Casey Bryant

BDes Arch, MArch

After graduating, I moved to Melbourne to work for McBride Charles Ryan. I was exposed to large projects, including the new Victorian Cancer Centre. I won the Emerging Architect prize in the Boral Design Awards. Two years ago I returned to Sydney to work for Andrew Burns Architects. I played a key role in the design and delivery of significant residential and cultural buildings, including Australia House in Japan and the shortlisted proposal for the Green Square Aquatic Centre. My advice is to look for the potential for innovation and experimentation in everything you do. Even if doesn’t lead to a useful outcome, the process will always further your thinking.

Andrew Daly

BDes Arch, MArch

After graduating from the Master of Architecture, I moved to Paris for a year to work at a design competition focused studio. I came back to Sydney in 2012, and started my own firm called ‘TYP-TOP Architecture Office’, a partnership with Kevin Liu, focusing on design competitions and small commercial projects, in addition to residential projects. Being able to think strategically and understand the capacity of our profession to effect change is a valuable skill, whether you are an artistically or practically motivated architect. Working for myself has been both immensely stressful and simultaneously liberating. Having the opportunity to push a social, design or aesthetic agenda by your own hard work and skill is rewarding. If you can maintain the energy and excitement of those long, frenetic studio nights working towards deadlines after you graduate, you’ll be able to strive towards your best work in the profession.

Victoria King

BDes Arch

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture allowed for the combination of art and design, with the practical application of technology and construction, in a way that no other degree provided. The School also offers many ways for students to engage with the architectural community in Sydney and around the world. By taking these opportunities, I have become involved with exhibitions in the Sydney Architecture Festival and travelled to Berlin as part of a winter intensive elective exploring the abandoned Tempelhof Airport. Studying architecture introduces you to a broad range of possibilities and potential career pursuits. At the moment I am interested in exploring curation and the connection between art and architecture.

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Nikita Chaudhary

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, 1st year

I am currently designing a café here at the University as well as few projects along the Parramatta River. They are hypothetical but it’s really exciting to visit and study an actual site as if you were to construct a building.

Natasha Galvez

BDes Arch, First Class Honours, 2006

As I embarked on my architectural studies I very quickly came to realise the complex world that architecture is. Subjects including structures, environmental studies, history of architecture, building services just to name a few exposed us to the diversity of knowledge and expertise the architect requires and that this learning evolves in its very early form when you first embark on your tertiary studies and then continues to grow throughout your professional career. The collaborative and holistic manner in which my architectural studies were delivered very much reflects the way I work today in my role at Lendlease. I recall fondly many group design projects at uni which reflected the very nature of design – architecture as a collaborative process, made up of the contributions of numerous individuals, exploring ideas in an open forum. Studying architecture introduces you to a broad range of possibilities and potential career pursuits. At the moment I am interested in exploring curation and the connection between art and architecture.

Our Program Director

Michael Muir

Senior Lecturer
Bachelor of Design in Architecture

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