High-Performance Buildings

A high-performance building is aesthetically and environmentally designed to maintain optimum indoor comfort for occupants, while achieving high operational efficiencies and minimising environmental impact.

To achieve this, the industry requires a new type of professional – an expert with specialised skills in optimising new and existing buildings for the best design and delivery of services. Our Master of Architectural Science (High-Performance Buildings) is your pathway to an exciting and rewarding career in the built environment field.

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High Performance Buildings

  • Ranked 1st in Australia for architecture and built environment disciplines.

    QS University World Rankings 2016.

Indicative Course Progression

DMaF Lab Facilities

    Lab Facilities


    KR60-3 6-Axis Robot Arm

    The addition of the Kuka KR60-3 6-axis robot arm has consolidated the DMaF Lab’s position as the leading university fabrication lab nationally. Equipped with a 60kg payload and a reach extending beyond a 2.4m building envelope, the possibilities for innovative, cutting edge research into fabrication and material technologies are extensive. The DMaF Lab is making every effort to facilitate research explorations with the acquisition of multiple end-effectors such as a spindle to enable 6 axis CNC milling, a 3D printer / clay extruder and various suction grippers capable of lifting and manoeuvre of irregular shaped objects.

    Lab Facilities

    3D Printers


    Advancements in 3d printing, particularly plastic extrusion technology have enabled rapid and inexpensive production of 3D components using small, rapid prototypers. The DMaF has 3d printers from leading supplier Makerbot. The Laboratory’s three extruders use heated PLA (Polylactic Acid, a biodegradable plastic) to construct 3D models. The machines are capable of automatically generating scaffolding for the printing of parts accurately and cleanly. With these devices, students, staff and collaborators to the Laboratory can quickly prototype, test and develop their designs.

    Lab Facilities

    Laser Cutter

    Trotec 120W

    The Laboratory offers the use of one three laser cutters, enabling the cutting or engraving of sheet materials according to designs produced in Rhino, or produced in AutoCAD and imported into Rhino. The Universal machine is ideal for smaller cutting tasks and thin materials, while larger tasks are suited for the Trotec laser cutters.

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The process depends on whether you’re applying as an undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic or international student.

Your application will generally need to include all supporting documents, including certified copies of your academic transcript, and any additional requirements of your course. You may also need to demonstrate your English language proficiency if your qualification is from an institution that does not primarily teach in English.

Where students are applying for a certificate level based on industry experience, please attach a CV and any other supporting documentation which may assist in the assessment of your application.

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