Sustainable Design

Master of Architectural Science

Combine your professional skills with a sustainability consciousness. Sustainable design involves creating buildings that meet the world’s need to reduce human impact on ecological systems. Our integrated approach provides you with the knowledge to address sustainability issues without compromising building functionality or profitability. This course integrates units from the architectural sciences, building services, facilities management and high‑performance buildings.

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Sustainable Design

  • We're ranked 1st in Australia and ranked in the top 15 in the world for architecture and the built environment.

    2017 QS University World Rankings.

Indicative Course Progression

Credit points required per semester: 24
Indicative progression based on a 72 credit point master’s degree with a Semester 1 enrolment

Our Students

Sihui Wang

Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design)

“This degree equips you with the theoretical knowledge to provide solutions for a more sustainable built environment.

I had the opportunity to polish my skillset and gain industry experience by helping out at the Total Facilities Live Expo 2015, participate in student competitions, and work as an optimization engineering intern at Grosvenor Engineering Group.

One of my most significant achievements is receiving the 2015 Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers NSW Student of the Year Award, where I used knowledge gained from Sustainable Design Principles and Building Energy Analysis. I’m now conducting a research project trying to better understand the occupants’ thermal comfort level, which is a key purpose of sustainable design.

These experiences are crucial for understanding real‑world problems and finding solutions for them, and will contribute to my future professional success.”

Paola Moran Sato

Master of Design Science (Sustainable Design)

I was led to study Sustainable Design by my desire not only to improve our world today, but also to leave a lasting legacy that withstands the test of time and the environment. As an architect, I believe that sustainable design plays a decisive role in minimising our impact on the planet, improving our health and socio‑economic development.

Upon completion of my degree I was given the opportunity to join a top-tier and multi-award winning architectural firm, Fender Katsalidis Mirams Architects (FKM Architects), where my skills and knowledge are a valued contribution to the practice. My degree has also given me the satisfaction of contributing to build a better world for future generations.

Karla Venegas

Master of Design Science (Sustainable Design)

I come from a small family in Costa Rica, and I’ve lived there all my life, except for the last year, when I came to study in Australia. I’ve always been a “greenie”! Back home everyone knows me for insisting on reducing-reusing-recycling, telling everyone to save energy and water, and trying to reduce waste and consumption.

All day... Every day.... Insisting! Insisting! Insisting! So, as I studied architecture, I started to discover this stream of “Sustainable Design” and was more than sure that it was the stream for me. So far this degree has taught me how much we can do as architects, designers and planners to create a more sustainable built environment. It’s amazing when you learn the huge impact the built environment (the one us designers are responsible for) can have on climate change. And sometimes you feel very helpless when it’s just you fighting against the world advocating sustainable practices, but it helps to see more and more people getting involved in the field and starting to take action.

It’s also been interesting to attend the talks here at Uni and throughout Sydney about Sustainability, and learn how people around the world have dealt with the many problems that accompany incorporating new ways of doing things. I want to take the opportunity to learn how a developed country is facing this issues, and apply this knowledge to Costa Rica.

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