Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional Planners develop specialised knowledge in environmental design and strategic planning for well-structured cities, including the sustainable management of towns and cities. This program focuses on developing an understanding of the ways that cities and sites are constructed physically, socially and environmentally.

You will develop the professional communication skills, reasoning and analytical processes required to make valuable contributions to the policy, technical and regulatory aspects of urban and regional planning. The teaching curriculum covers both Australian and international contexts.

A specialisation is also available by selecting from the range of options offered in the Heritage Conservation stream. The program is a member of the United Nations Habitat University Network Initiative.

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Urban and Regional Planning

Indicative Course Progression

Our Students

Anna Kaskanlian

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

I’ve always been interested in the built environment but have a humanities background. The Master of Urban and Regional Planning allows me to combine my undergrad skills with a practical master’s degree that will result in an industry-recognised qualification. The Urban Planning department offers a variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities, like the Festival of Urbanism, units of study that involve overseas travel (for example, the recent international development trip to Indonesia), exhibitions of student work, and teachers who are always happy to foster links between industry and students through university-run events and in their spare time.

Our Program Director

Dr Paul Jones

Paul Jones came to the Urban and Regional Planning and Policy Program on a full time basis at the beginning of 2011 with diverse experience as a planning practitioner, and an excellent academic record. Paul is an urban development and management practitioner with 30 years professional experience in developing sustainable urban management, urban development and planning solutions in Australia and overseas.

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