Anderson Series and Items Lists

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 Series Number Series Title Date Range Item List
1 Manuscripts and printed publications relating to John Anderson's work in Scotland 1913-1942 Yes
2 Copies of the 'Textbook of Logic' by John Anderson 1914-1926 Yes


Lectures by John Anderson 1927-1957 Yes
4 Notes and drafts for lectures and essays by John Anderson 1927-1962 Yes
5 Notes taken by studnets at John Anderson's lectures 1931-1962 Yes
6 Articles and addresses by John Anderson 1927-1962 Yes
7 Critical reviews by John Anderson 1927-1962 Yes
8 Notes taken at conferences by John Anderson 1927-1954 Yes
9 Examination papers set by John Anderson 1926-1958 Yes
10 Public Controversies (1) - Censorship 1927-1930 No
11 Public Controversies (2) - Freethought 1931-1932 No
12 Public Controversies (3) - Education in Politics 1943-1946 No
13 Public Controversies (4) - Religion in Education 1943-1946 Yes
 14 Manuscript for 'Studies in Empirical Philosophy' by John Anderson 1960-1962 Yes
15 Manuscript for 'Art and Reality' by John Anderson 1932-1982 Yes
16 Notes by John Anderson relating to tertiary education 1935-1959 Yes
17 Notes by John Anderson and correspondence relating to the Communist Party of Australia 1927-1958 Yes
18 Letters received by Jenny Anderson, from John Anderson 1916-1926 No
19 Correspondence - family of John Anderson 1917-1961 No
20 Letters received by John Anderson 1925-1962 No
21 Correspondence - John Anderson 1929-1955 No
22 Letters received by John Anderson, regarding references 1943-1962 No
23 Letters received by John Anderson, from Jenny Anderson 1916-1930 No
24 Letters received by Alexander and Cherry Anderson, from John and Jenny Anderson 1945-1980 No
25 Printed articles and addresses by John Anderson & newsclippings 1927-1970 No
26 Books/notes annotated by John Anderson 1890-? 1953 No
27 Miscellaneous material of John Anderson's including Literary Society Minutes 1928-1962 Yes
28 Material relating to the Birker grievance with the ANU 1961-1962 No
29 Copies of letters sent by John Anderson and material relating to University of Sydney administration and degree requirements 1927-1958 No
30 Video and sound recordings relating to John Anderson n.d. No
31 Memorial lectures/commemorative material relating to John Anderson 1977-1993 No
32 Collected material relating to the 'Orr case' 1958-1967 Yes
33 Photographs of the Anderson family 1930s-1960s No
34 Medals, certificates and legal documents relating to the Anderson family 1904-1969 No
35 Material sent to Jenny Anderson by Stuart Watts 1932-1933 No
36 Letters received by Jenny Anderson 1911-1987 No
37 Correspondence/Addresses - Jenny Anderson 1945-1980 No
38 Notes by Jenny Anderson - Workers Party Discussion notes 1932-1933 No
39 Printed publications relating to John Anderson with criticisms by Alice Ruth Walker and Alexander Anderson 1953- ? 1958 No
40 Alexander Anderson notes on John Anderson's philosophy 1949-1952 No
41 Letters received and copies/drafts of letters sent by Alexander Anderson 1936-1994 No
42 Letters received and other papers - Cherry Anderson 1953- ?1958 No
43 School and university papers of Alexander Anderson 1932-1952 No
44 Teaching material of Alexander Anderson 1951-1983 No
45 Notes taken by students at Alexander Anderson's lectures 1963-1985 No
46 Material relating to Newcastle University College 1954-1959 No
47 Correspondence - Alexander and Cherry Anderson 1952-1957 No
48 Miscellaneous notes and correspondence - Alexander Anderson 1951-1988 No
49 Therapy notes and correspondence of Alexander Anderson 1965-1969 No
50  Books/notes with annotations by Bernard Muscio n.d. No